5 Great Ways To Take Your Photo Editing To the Next Level

Improving your editing doesn’t necessarily mean getting your head around the Tone Curve or finding new ways to use the Color Grading panel. Check out these five practical tips to help you be more thoughtful in your editing and discover how to create your own style.

Contemporary landscape photographer Kyle McDougall is accustomed to working on long-term personal projects and his insights into how to bring a body of work together have shaped these useful tips for how to help you edit your photographs. This isn’t about tweaking sliders; this is about understanding your work and how images can work together, often in pairs, but also more broadly.

The Reference View in Lightroom isn’t something that gets a lot of use but it can be an incredibly useful means of understanding how two images sit alongside one another, but also tweaking one of the images to bring it more into line with the other. Matching exposure and color balance between two images is made much easier. I just wish Adobe had included a means of quickly swapping the two images so that the reference image becomes the active image and vice versa. If you know a quick way to achieve this be sure to let me know in the comments!

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