Editing a Time-Lapse With Only Adobe Applications

Michael Shainblum, Fstoppers' Photographer of the Month for August, has been creating epic time-lapses for years now and he’s just released a new YouTube video tutorial. In this new video, Shainblum goes through his editing process detailing an Adobe-centric workflow for time-lapses.

Beginning with Lightroom, the workflow is a quick and concise way to adjust your imagery and sync these across multiple images. After exporting the images he explains the reasoning to either work in Adobe After Effects or choosing Adobe Premiere to edit the time-lapse and then render and export the finished video.

For those that are looking at creating time-lapses that are quick and easy, this is a great way to see a beginning-to-end tutorial that has the basics. Maybe you’re someone who simply wants to try doing a time-lapse without spending too much on new software (Adobe does have a free trial via the Creative Cloud applications), then this is a great tutorial to check out. I’m personally a big fan of Shainblum’s work and it’s great to see behind the curtain of what he does to create epic visuals. If you learned anything from the tutorial let us know in the comments below.

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Burke Morris's picture

I use LR to edit the photos and assemble in PS. Cheaper option than having to purchase the other products. Not as elegant but it works.