Eight Lightroom Tricks for Landscape Photography

Raw processing is quite a detailed procedure and the possibilities are limited only by your knowledge and experience. That means there is always something new to learn, especially when it comes to editing in Lightroom.

Serge Ramelli is a French photographer known for his landscape work. In this video, he shares eight Lightroom tricks by demonstrating on a single panoramic image, which he creates seamlessly by using two horizontal shots. As is known, multiple vertically shot images are best for creating panoramic images; however, Ramelli shows how to get the perfect panorama by using just two horizontal images. After creating the image, Ramelli shows how to control the sunlight, how to use clarity for landscape images, and how to use magenta color to control the overall tone of an image. Right after, he shows how he uses radial filters and brushes to tweak the local exposure and color tone. Finally, he demonstrates the use of the camera calibration feature to achieve better colors. And he creates a well-edited image in just seven minutes.

Have you ever heard about these tricks? Or have you been using these when editing your photos? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Alex Armitage's picture

I realize this guy has almost 500k subs, so I'm probably in the minority here, but almost everything in this video is what I'd tell people not to do when they edit.

The tools used - great to learn. The amounts/style - don't do this.

Obviously just my opinion though.

Chris Harding's picture

Do you have any tips then? Links to tutorials that you think would be more helpful?

Alex Armitage's picture

Of course! What kind of tips would you like?

Once again, I think the things he shows are good. Radial filters etc. I just think his technique is too heavy handed.

Chris Harding's picture

I guess, just basic color grading tips when it comes to Landscape. Are you advocating for a more subtle approach?

Alex Armitage's picture

I am indeed. Nothing about this photo screams "professional" to me, and I checked out more of his work/videos and I wasn't impressed with any of it. Once again, this is my taste and opinion.

I'd suggest checking out Mads Peter Iversen, who has recently started to do some editing mixed in with his location videos. Thomas Heaton, who typically does vlogs but recently did a start to finish edit. That would be a good start in my opinion.

Giovanni Aprea's picture

I hope this guy doesn't work as a photographer...

Vincent Andrews's picture

He is, also teaching landscape photography on Kelbyone.

Sam David's picture

Having recently had my work professionally critiqued by two "experts," with almost 180 degree opposite opinions, I am not going to get into a debate over "style." However, I insist that articles about processing in Lightroom make clear that exactly the same processes can be done in ACR. And, you can do that processing without putting up with Lightroom's overly complex, totally unnecessary and frequently unusable filing system.

Ted Chen's picture

I like the notion of using only 2 landscape shots for a panorama..less tedious. However if you're going for a more detailed, high-resolution shot, vertical shots would still be the way to go.