Five Hidden Lightroom Tips That You Should Know

Even after years of using Adobe Lightroom for editing, there are still several options the software offers that few photographers know about. Here are five helpful tips that you likely didn’t know before.

In this video, Matt Kloskowski shares his Lightroom expertise to go beyond the basics and teaches how to perform a handful of advanced editing techniques. Although most experienced editors will have a solid understanding of what each of the develop tabs offer, what they often overlook is the extra options that the menu tabs and keyboard shortcuts add. Here Kloskowski shares both, showing how adding simple keyboard commands while performing an action gives you a different result and dives deeper into the menu options to show hidden functions that you rarely hear explained.

One of Kloskowki’s tips includes the match total exposures option. This tool is beneficial for several types of photography. If you have a set of images that have a wide range of exposures, instead of adjusting each image individually you can use this tool to match the exposures of each image automatically. This means that Lightroom will read the images and adjust them up or down as opposed to syncing, which will only move them in the direction and amount that you adjusted the original photo.

Lastly, while they weren't included in this video, I will add that as a wedding photographer Lightroom’s stacking option and edit capture time function are two of my most helpful tools for keeping my photos organized and are worth looking into. How many of the tips from this video did you previously know?

Lead image by Pixabay user StockSnap, used under Creative Commons.

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Levi Keplar is a wedding and portrait photographer and educator. He currently owns and operates his studio, Katie & Levi Photography, with his wife and is based in the Wichita, Kansas area. He has a passion for both the technical and the business sides of photography and helping others to grow in those areas as well.

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Terrific article! I'm pretty good with LR, but I did not know this stuff. This is an article that fits the realm of F-Stoppers.

Excellent, really useful stuff. I thought, oh yeah, here we go again, more puerile pap... I thought I was quite proficient at LR. Clearly not.

Great video ! Makes me impatient to open LR and try these tricks !

With so many articles on Fstoppers about hidden features/tips in either Lightroom and Photoshop, its sounds like Adobe should stop hiding all the features in their software. Nobody seems to know where to find things.

Wow, 2nd one, straight line.. How many times I've wondered why I can't just hold shift and drag to draw a straight line. Not once dawned on me that it would or could work this way.

Last tip, great one too.
Thanks for taking the time to show them. It's good to learn something new.

Useful tips that are definitely not obvious! Thanks, Matt.

To state it simply, "Match Total Exposure" changes the "Exposure" adjustment exactly enough to compensate for the net difference in shutter speed, aperture (ƒ-stop), and ISO between the most selected frame and the other selected frames. That's all. Nothing else in the "Basic panel" will move.

If the master is 1/60, f8, ISO100
the one at 1/30, f8, ISO100 will move down 1.00 stops, and
the one at 1/125, f11, ISO400 will not change at all.

Thanks for this - a very useful article.

Does anyone else think that this video looks like it was shot on a green screen with the background dropped in? I've seen a couple of youtube videos look like this. Is it a green screen? Also, the other videos were also shot on Sony. Do they have an iPhone fake bokeh video option? Not diggin the look.

dude... duuuude. DUDE! Like, this is super great. Numbers 1 and 5a are going to change my life. Thanks for sharing.