Lightroom Versus Luminar 4: Which Is Right for Your Needs?

Luminar 4 has brought with it some advanced AI features that can save a lot of time in edits and enable new creative avenues. How does it hold up against Lightroom when it comes to editing? This great video shows a photographer processing the same image in both apps and what you can expect from each.

Coming to you from Gary McIntyre Photographer, this interesting comparison video shows the results of editing the same image in Lightroom and in Luminar 4. While I certainly have more fun editing in Luminar 4, I think Lightroom generally has stronger cataloging features. As such, I have been continuing to use Lightroom to house my library and keep everything organized, while running Luminar as a plug-in for when I want to do more creative edits or simply want to have fun playing with different ideas. Meanwhile, I save Photoshop for the most involved work. Depending on the size of your image library and your editing needs and style, you may decide on a different workflow, however. One great point I think the video makes is that Luminar often saves time in edits simply because it combines two or three adjustments into one slider. Check out the video above for McIntyre's full thoughts. 

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nitinchandra's picture

There is no comparison between the two. They serve different purposes. Luminar 4 is good to have around for quick edits and for most beginners and people who are just wanting better results in a few clicks without getting into any technical details. The following two videos show the different cases...



Greg Wilson's picture

Kind of silly comparison. If you earn at least $10/month then Lightroom & Photoshop. For everyone else - luminar, on1, affinity, gimp etc.

nitinchandra's picture

I am waiting for some fixes and updates to ON1...If they can pull off some in the near future, it does offer a good hybrid of LR+PS which might suit a large segment of enthusiasts.