Cross-Platform LUTs Are Now Even Better in Lightroom and Camera Raw Cross-Platform LUTs Are Now Even Better in Lightroom and Camera Raw

A little while ago I showed you a fantastic LUTs pack, called, compatible with most photo and video editing including Capture One, Lightroom, Premiere, and Resolve. However, since Lightroom has been updated, it’s now even better than before with much better integration with both the CC and Classic CC versions. offers a quick and easy way to color grade your image, no matter what your software of choice is. Being a Capture One use, I rely a lot on the styles Phase One has created, but it’s always a pain to then find similar ones when editing video or being forced by a client to use another raw conversion software. thus comes in very handy as I can match my videos with my pictures, and that no matter what operating system I’m on or with what software I’m working.

Since Adobe has updated its camera profiles to the new "profiles," LUTs have now become much easier to integrate. in its 3.4.0 version can now be used in Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Adobe Camera Raw as a simple profile. No need to use soft proofing or any other kind of trick to benefit from LUTs in Lightroom! Furthermore, you can tweak the strength of the color grading applied by a LUT using the amount slider found right beneath the Profile dropdown list.

The Profile preview eases the choice of the LUTs.

If you haven’t tried because you thought the Lightroom integration wasn’t up to par, well, the Adobe Profiles may just be what you were waiting for. Before buying the full Professional pack, be sure to give the seven free LUTs a try to see if it’s something that could fit into your workflow. If you are looking for a wide variety of cinematic or vintage color looks, don’t look any further!

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Quentin Décaillet is a photographer and retoucher based in Switzerland specializing in portrait and wedding photography.

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3D LUT Creator also does a nice job of matching colors - worth checking out.

Yes it does. is "just" a preset pack, 3D LUT Creator will let you tweak everything. I use both of them along with Capture One and Photoshop, and each has its place in my workflow :)

Hey Quentin, we have something super cool cooking in the sleeve about that "just" :-)

Can't wait to see and try it :)

Which 3D LUT creator do you use (grading, standard, or pro)?

The pro version, but the standard is probably more than enough for most – unless you need the automatch feature, batch processing, or more advanced analyzer :)

Can anyone help me to apply their 7 free LUTS as Lightroom profiles?
Their extension is ICC but LIghtroom reads XMP files, I applied it like I did other profiles but it didn't work.

Hey Adnan, the free LUTs pack will be updated tomorrow to offer .xmp profiles as well.

Thanks! I also have the same issue!

After tomorrow simply re-download the pack and it will have the new .xmp profiles in it :-)

Hey Omer, we have just updated the free pack to support profiles. You can simply re-download the pack.

Hi. I just subscribed and the profiles are really nice!

Hey Adnan, we have just updated the free pack to support profiles. You can simply re-download the pack.

I just tried them, it's perfect! Thank you very much.

LOL I spent like 2 hours creating LR profiles out of the cube files from the older Lutify package. Probably could have waitied a few days.

By the way, you can convert your styles from Capture One or from any other app into 3D LUTs with Look Converter:

I bought it and must say I am quite pleased. I (and many others surely) have often said I wish there was a way to 'tone down' or better control the overall look of a preset in LR without having to adjust a few different things.'s slider option is quite brilliant.

(P.S.) Just to add my bank froze my account after I purchased it simply because it is from out of the United States. So just a heads up. But a simple call and they unfroze it.)

Really loving the looks!

For anyone who has had problems with the free pack not supporting profiles, we've just updated it so feel free to re-download it. Thanks!