Panoramas in Lightroom for Beginners

Creating high quality, print-ready, stitched panoramic images takes more work than simply switching your iPhone over to "Pano" mode and scanning the horizon with the cell phone. In this tutorial, Serge Ramelli walks through each viable step in the process of creating quality panoramas.

Sure, a stitched image isn't always the answer for every single scene. Perhaps you will only use the techniques a rare handful of times, but when the time comes where you find an actual need for creating stitched images, you will be glad you took the time to be prepared. Fortunately for all of us, here in 2019, Adobe has made it pretty seamless to create such images. As long as you take the necessary shots in camera to set yourself up for the appropriate amount of overlap, Lightroom has become incredibly intuitive when it comes to merging images.

Personally, I honestly haven't decided whether I prefer to create my panoramic images in Lightroom rather than Photoshop. Both programs have their unique abilities as well as their similarities. Quite frankly, it sometimes just comes down to whether I'm in the mood for one program or the other. I will say this, stitched imagery doesn't need any technically exhaustive processing in order to be successful. Ofttimes, I find myself angling for the purity and simplicity that comes from merging photographs in Lightroom. If you think you're likely to appreciate a similar approach, then this tutorial is definitely meant for you.

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