Putting to Use Lightroom's New HDR Panorama Feature

Adobe just released a new feature for Lightroom CC called "HDR Panorama." This powerful tool has some pretty fantastic capabilities, and here is a tutorial, coming to you from Serge Ramelli, about how to put this new tool to use.

You have more options out in the field as far as how you go about capturing your subject with more advanced cameras. Adobe is taking the opportunity to take those expanded capabilities in the field and is giving you yet another way to put those files to use within the realm of post-production.

In the past, photographers would typically have to combine individual sets of frames for high dynamic range and then merge those images into a panoramic image. Such a process can be incredibly time-consuming and tedious. While this new tool from Adobe has its limitations, it also has some powerful function to it. As many tools within Adobe software, I anticipate this one to expand in functionality and control over time, but even now, it opens up a whole new set of options for photographers interested in creating compositions combining photographs of different ranges and viewpoints to truly create a panoramic image with higher dynamic range. 

This quick tutorial is definitely worth checking out, and Ramelli does a great job of explaining the controls he's using and why he chooses the options that he does while creating the image used for the instruction. He even provides you with the source files so that you can follow along, step by step, as he walks you through the edit.

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Jacques Cornell's picture

Is this just in Lightroom CC, or is it also in Classic?