Six Essentials Steps to Editing an Image

If you’ve been feeling stagnant with your editing style, now is a great time to invest time into improving your skill set. Here are six techniques you should consider using on every image you take.

This video from Jamie Windsor is more than a list of basic instructions on editing. While some of the tips do cover essentials such as cropping and white balance, Windsor does more than tell you to utilize these options. He teaches by sharing several of his images, giving great examples of how to use these options well. He also adds how to use some rarely practiced techniques such as changing the crop overlay to the golden spiral. Another uncommon lesson that Windsor shares suggests changing your image from 8-bit to 16-bit to prevent banding in Photoshop, an issue that many photographers have.

In a time when most photographers are turning to purchased presets to handle the bulk of their editing, it's important to know how to make adjustments on your own to make your images unique to you. Taking the time to learn a couple of techniques such as dodging and burning or cropping correctly can improve your pictures drastically and cause you to stand out from the rest, regardless if you start from a preset or not.

This video is excellent for a photographer or editor of any skill level. If you want to see Windsor’s tips, take a look at the video above.

Lead image by hamonazaryan1 via Pixabay, used under Creative Commons.

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Darren Loveland's picture

Really good video, I didn't realize you could hold down the O key during crops to get all the different compositions in Lightroom, very nice!

EDWIN CUPELY's picture

Very precisely educational video.