Incredible Photos of Architectural Density in Hong Kong

In Michael Wolf’s latest photography series, entitled ‘Architecture of Density’, the urban landscapes of Hong Kong are explored. While his photos in the series rarely contain people, creative angles, or any context, they still manage to provide a mind-blowing look into the haunting and seemingly endless buildings of mega city Hong Kong.

Two time World Press Photo competition winner, Michael Wolf’s focus has always looked into the life of mega cities, saying that he “find(s) the symbolic value in those seemingly insignificant details that so often go unnoticed”.

Check out more of Michael Wolf’s work on his website. Architecture of Density is also available as a book on Amazon.



[via Bored Panda]

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What the F-stop!

Sissy Stough's picture

* chuckle *

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that's simply amazing!

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Absolutely unreal.

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that stresses me out just looking at it.

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They "live" in cubicles!! zomg!

Max's picture

I saw a few of these at an art show in Chelsea, and up close it looks like he repeats part of the images as a composite. There are a few people in the windows that you will see repeated, same with some of the clothing hanging outside.

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your telling bullshit

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they all look alike

mhhsjej's picture

reminds me of chicken farms...
there are to many people on this small planet.
i don´t have much good to say about china but chinas 1 child strategy is the right one.

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and i thought budapest is ugly.....

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Absolutely amazing. After having lived my entire life in a small town, I just couldn't imagine having that many people around me at all times. I guess the upside would be more to do, more to shoot, and all night Chinese food. lol

i would have a hard time getting home drunk

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Hong Kong is an amazing place to photograph, no matter what your looking for.

Excellent! Even if they are somewhat faked, which I hope not, they are still really beautiful images.

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yawn. dozens of people doing these shots these days it seems.

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I think I saw Kai from Digital Rev hanging his underwear from one of the building.

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this photos remindes me of animes like "ghost in the shell" and others. seems like the japs got it right!


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Throw back to 80's songs come to mind... 'Living in a box'... or 'Welcome to the jungle' ! ... or adaptation from the movie... 'Dude where's my HOUSE'

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They build all these places for people that used to live in rural villages and have now come into the city to work and support all that family still living in the fields.. When you see this.. think lost jobs.