Learn Fashion Photography From Dixie Dixon

Even if you don't recall the name Dixie Dixon I bet you will recognize her images. Over the past few years Dixie has been taking the fashion industry by storm and we are excited that her first major workshop will be taking place at Fstoppers Workshop Atlantis in the Bahamas this year.

Dixie is teaming up with Fstoppers' very own Pratik Naik to teach fashion photography and retouching for 2 days on May 28th and 29th. This 2 day course includes on location shooting with professional models and hands on retouching with Pratik.

On May 31st Dixie is teaching a studio course on fashion and beauty photography.

Head over to FstoppersWorkshops.com to learn about all of the instructors and classes available.

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Keith Walters's picture

This workshop just gets more and more awesome. Wish I could afford to go this year!

JoshGaede's picture

Oh how I wish.