Photographing Planes While Getting a Tan Is As Awesome As It Is Scary

Photographing Planes While Getting a Tan Is  As Awesome As It Is Scary

Maho Beach is one of the most unique beaches on earth to date. The beach is located on St. Maarten, a tiny island near Puerto Rico. It's so tiny, that the local airport is located only few feet behind the beach where hundreds of people enjoy the sun, the water and the sand. Beach goers + Jumbo planes? big win for us photographers. Check out these crazy images of planes almost touching the tourists on the beach.

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Maho Beach
Photo: Peer Ole.

Maho Beach, St. Maarten
Photo: Mike LaMonaca.

2012 - Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Norwegian Epic
Photo: Curtis & Renee.

Air France Airbus A340 at SXM
Photo: Chip Methvin.

Life is a beach
Photo: tkolos.

F-HSUN @SXM/TNCM (2009-01-29)
Photo: =the=.

SXM 2012 Canon 1125 118
Photo: Roman Dolinsky.

Boeing 747-400 Approach
Photo: Ramon Quaedvlieg.

Photo: Gregg Leonard.

747 in touch - a L O U D landing!  ;-)
Photo: Christian Schierig.

AAarival in St Maarten
Photo: Tan Yilmaz.

KLM B744 over Maho Beach
Photo: Benny Zheng.

A (not so typical) day at the beach
Photo: Chaim Frank.

Photo: Isaac Adler.

KLM incoming
Photo: Christian Schierig.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Photo: Matt Hintsa.

Saint Maarten, at the end of the runway.
Photo: Ronald Campbell.

Photo: Maxime Breitung.

American Airlines B757-223 - N189AN - 29/05/2007
Photo: Sam Pollitt.

Avião próximo de aterrisar no aeroporto Princesa Juliana em St. Maarten
Photo: Márcia Santos.

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Just amazing to see these machines so close..

romain vernede's picture

I love the smell of napalm in the morning...


oh flying spaghetti monster!

I like Matt Hintsa's photo. I looks like they are giving the plane a jump start.

The sound must be deafening as they go over and i wonder how much sand is kicked up.
Great photos thanks for finding and sharing don't think theres one that i don't like.

I like tkolos photo must have been hard getting that shutter speed balance right

Awesome. Gotta go there someday

How about some of the videos of airplanes taking off from St Maarten airport? Hanging out here particularly during takeoffs is pretty hair raising.

Been there, done that. Amazing, but prepare to get sand-blasted from the jet wash.

Jon Hobley's picture

I really want to go there!

Digital Macdaddy's picture

I was there last year. I remember as one of the jumbo's was preparing for takeoff. The pilot had the window rolled down and was waving to everyone as he began turning the plane away from the beach. Then, he held the brake, and gave us a huge jetwash. It was so loud and the wash was so powerful that bags, towels, cameras, and little kids were getting blown into the ocean! It was insane! We were getting blasted by sand to the point where we ran and jumped into the ocean......the only thing is that the waves coming in were crushing and powerful. Pick your poison! Such an awesome trip!

olivier borgognon's picture

Great shots. Funny to notice for 90% of these images, they are taken on the same beach with different angles by various photographers.