Vintage Lights For A Vintage Shoot

R. J. Kern and Amanda Tipton are both photographers from Denver Colorado. Together they setup a vintage "Mad Men" style photoshoot at the Cruise Room within the Oxford Hotel. They give a lot of useful information about how to achieve a true throw back look by using Fresnel Hot Lights, vintage clothing, and a classic 1950's style location. By shooting with hot lights, RJ and Amanda are both able to shoot at the same time without having to worry about recycle rates or light contamination as they work on sets in close proximity to each other. You can check out Amanda's images HERE and RJ's image HERE. I think both sessions turned out great but if you have a preference for one style over another, let us know in the comments.

Inspired by Light: Behind the Scenes of a Vintage Shoot from R. J. Kern on Vimeo.

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Garrett Graham's picture

Pictures felt awkward to me, looked fun though :-)

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

A cool location, nice shots, but the most memorable part was to see more than one photographer, with different approaches, working together and just having fun.

Cameron Martindell's picture

Nice! Looks like it was fun and you got some great images. That's what it's all about.

Garrett, one of the lessons I learned from this shoot was the importance of posing. A month after this shoot I looked back at what makes "good" posing and offered these tips for posing couples:

I love the idea of using continuous lighting in order to have two shooters at different angles to the subject shooting at the same time. Would be really nice to get two very different style simulatenously form the same set up.