7 Ways to Take Your Smartphone Photography to the Next Level

Photographer Lorenz Holder takes us on a behind the scenes look into seven top smartphone photography tips and tricks. Walking us through things like "The Driveby Pano" and making your own macro lens with a simple drop of water, you can see how the innovation in photography has grown in the mobile world. 

I have run into Lorenz's photography on Instagram before but getting a chance to see him work with just an iPhone is astonishing. The ability to shoot on the go with what you have comes with experience to any photography, being able to get the shot no matter where you are or what you are shooting with will always be a staple for most professionals. The fact that you can get some pretty creative shots with minimal gear opens the door to so many possibilities. That especially comes to the mobile photography aspect of it considerint the limitations in sensor size, low light capabilities and focus points. 

He walks us through some great little tips, some of which have been my go to tricks for mobile photography the last couple years while a few of these others are just awesome new tips while on the go. Below are images from each example so you can get a better look into the final piece produced. 

  1. Panoramic Sequence
  2. The Pano Driveby
  3. Zoom Lens (with binoculars) 
  4. Macro Lens (just add water)
  5. The Reflector (Car foil)
  6. Tripod and Shutter Cable
  7. Underwater Houseing



Be sure to send Lorenz some love over at his website along with his Instagram.

[via The Cooperative Photography]

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Chris Blair's picture

Cool, I don't use my Iphone for anything more than getting on the interwebs and calling people, but I have an Iphone 3...soooo, yea...maybe it's time to upgrade.

Brittany Lockwood's picture

A jewelers loupe with about 10x magnification (held to your phone with a rubber band) also works really well for macro shots.

David Stålhane's picture

Cool! I've been trying to get my girlfriend more interested in photography and these projects seem like a good "gateway drug" =)

Andrew Griswold's picture

Its what got me into photography initially as a profession. Just happened to start shooting for clients and various social media campaigns with just my phone for Instagram. Never know where it will take you

Frenchy TaiTai's picture

Not sure why he turns his iphone upside down to take the panorama while driving. By clicking on the arrow in panorama mode it will go from left to right pano to right to left pano mode :-)
Love the use of the glass for "underwater" pic.!

Andrew Griswold's picture

Some photographers, including myself, flip their phones out of habit for stability reasons. You can hold on to more of the phone upside down comfortably in your hands. Not assuming that is what he is doing here but for video it would make sense. I also like to flip my phone to get that lens as close to a service I shoot off of for a perfect reflection shot and depth with a 2.2 on the iPhone

Frenchy TaiTai's picture

Hi... I also flip it to take pictures closer to the ground (and I learnt from an article somewhere how to make those great water reflection shots) but I have seen many people flipping their phone to take panorama from right to left not knowing you can actually just click the arrow :-) I myself found out by mistake when I touch the screen instead of the start button a few months after the pano feature came available on iPhone native app. :-D