This App Tells You Which Image Will Perform Best on Instagram

I can’t be the only one who dreamt of knowing which image would perform best on Instagram before posting a set or simply what picture people like best amongst a selection. A great photographer should be able to pick his images on his own, but sometimes, when it comes to social networks, it’s more complicated than that. Being able to know what is going to work best to schedule the images accordingly is a huge advantage. Well, there might be a solution out there, and it’s called Cinnac.

Cinnac is an app available for both Android and iOS. It’s described by its designers as mini-blogging service allowing the community to compare images through a process of elimination. In other terms, you upload up to 20 pictures in a set, give it a name, a few tags to help people find it, and then users will pick the images they like best in a Tinder-like fashion. Swipe to the left an image you don’t like, swipe to the right an image you like.

I won’t go through a full review right now as I have just downloaded the app and couldn’t get anyone to rate my images before writing this article. But I’ll definitely use it along with my Instagram and see if the results from Cinnac match the engagement I get on my Instagram. I’m curious to see the results.

You should also try it, the app is entirely free and available from the Play Store and App Store. When using the app, if you still see a few words in German, don’t worry, it’s not your phone trying to learn a new language and sound cool, but just a few translation glitches in the app. I’m sure those will soon be corrected.

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Kirk Darling's picture

Oh. God. No.

This is like the algorithms record producers use to force musicians into a the same mold.