Oppo Shows Off Smartphone With Front-Facing Camera Under Display, No Notch

Oppo Shows Off Smartphone With Front-Facing Camera Under Display, No Notch

Has the notch problem been solved? Oppo is showing off a smartphone that places the front-facing selfie camera under the screen.

At the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo demonstrated a new Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology that allows the front-facing camera to be embedded under the display. The current go-to form factor that makes the screen larger while still offering a selfie camera is to add a notch to the smartphone. This solution from Oppo would pave way for a true full screen device.

Oppo said that the USC has a larger sensor with bigger pixels compared to other front-facing smartphone cameras, and the camera also uses a larger aperture. The camera sits under a customized display panel with extra light transmittance properties. Though extra attention has been made for the display, Oppo said that the image degradation still requires software enhancement to improve clarity and color, which they apply to all photos automatically.

While I personally think the notch issue has been far overdramatized, it’s plainly obvious that it was never meant to be the end solution. Rather, it has been a transition period waiting until a solution such as what Oppo has now done was ready.

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I would much prefer a phone that has user removable battery than any overpriced camera ad on or improvement that I really don't have a need for

Couldn't agree more. Ain't no notch that ever stopped me from making a phone call or making a picture with the included camera.

I'd like a replaceable battery as well.
But between phone design and available charge cases, wireless charging and super slim USB batteries, I don't think it's going to happen.

Think it was picking between a removable battery or still being water resistant / wireless charging and the later won out.

I'm not so sure, bring back metal backs make hole for a glass piece seal it and the borders. There is probably a way to slide the back in at one end and secure the other with 2-3 screws and make it water resistant. Why make it perfectly water resistant when you can sell replacements? because replacing a perfectly working phone that has just a dead battery is hundred times more lucrative.