New DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Only $129

New DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Only $129

DJI have just released an update to the mobile version of their stellar Osmo system. The updates are pretty sweet, but not as sweet as the new price.

DJI's Osmo Mobile 2 will take any phone 3.3 inches wide or smaller (sorry, Samsung Galaxy W users). It includes a new zoom slider, can hold the phone in portrait mode, and a classic 1/4-inch tripod mounting point beneath (replacing the previous accessory mount on the side). We can also look forward to an updated battery, lasting 15 hours.

The previous model kicked things off at $299, so now we’re able to save $170 while also getting an upgrade. With that, you could buy some add-on lenses for your smartphone. It’s a shame that this came right after the holidays, since it’s surely DJI’s most gift-friendly product. Nonetheless, I expect this will be a sought after item come late 2018.

The first generation (left), alongside the new Osmo Mobile 2 (right).

The new battery, and surely some more battery friendly motors, allow the user to shoot three times longer than the previous version. Let’s face it: nobody’s phone is going to last that long. Thankfully we’ll be able to power our smartphones via the USB port on the Osmo Mobile 2, as well as any other electronics (perhaps microphones?). The battery is now internal instead of replaceable. While that’s annoying, the added battery life makes up for this I feel.

Of course this will work with the DJI Go app, allowing for time-lapses and hyperlapses. As before this will also allow for tracking, which could make purpose-built systems obsolete now that the Osmo Mobile 2 can be easily mounted to a tripod (and is cheaper).

Pre-orders will be exclusively through Apple at first, on January 23. You can also ask B&H to notify you when it’s available.

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The gray looks awful. Hopefully it’s not that bad in person.

I had to buy an Osmo power adapter to charge my CrystalSky monitor battery (because for some reason DJI didn't see fit to include one) but at this price I feel like I should return it and buy the entire Osmo Mobile 2. I'm bitter. So so bitter. :)

Guess the DJI Osmo Mobile was getting killed by the Zhiyun Smooth Q. They had to match its features; longer battery life, portrait mode orientation, USB port to allow charging external devices, the threaded mounting hole at the bottom to allow for attachment to tripod or monopod, and affordable pricing. Effectively, they had to knock off the knock-off. Hooray for competition!

I purchased the Smooth Q before Xmas for $99 thru B&H. As far as the stabilizer goes, it does a great job, but the Zhiyun phone app software is a joke. Can't shoot native 4K on my Galaxy S7 (to allow the bluetooth features on the handle to control the camera you MUST use the app. WHAT A JOKE.) My phone would not link to stabilizer. so I was forced to only use the built in Galaxy app. Beware too, the Zjiyun phone app REQUIRES you to allow access to nearly every damn thing in the phone- contacts, apps that have no bearing on the function of the stibilzer, or the app is useless. I bet Zhiyun is collecting data and selling it to 3rd party vendors. Basically double dipping , since I have already paid for their product.

Agreed! The Zhiyun Play app is not the best.

I just got one for $200 (which I was originally happy about!) about a month ago. After reading this today though, I'm still able to return it. Just made it by a couple of days, so at least I'm happy about that.

At this price-point, it's hard to see anyone even with the original not also springing for this. Trusted brand, completely improved in every way (and not just by a little).... I'm impressed.

Actually, in doing some research, it's not improved. There's been several shortcuts taken to drop the price. First off, it's no longer metal, it's made from a 'composite material' ie, hard plastic - it also looks like the rubberized grip is gone, but I can only guess from photos. Second, the way that it holds the phone is much worse, even though it's faster to load now. It's spring loaded, where the original was screw tightened. If I'm putting my (expensive) phone in there and running around, I'd prefer to have tightened it myself. At some point, those springs will give. Third, the tripod mount at the bottom is worse for balance - it was actually better having a side mount, although of course you had to spring for an additional piece in order to put it on a tripod.

All this said, I'm still returning the old one for the new. I want the much improved battery life, along with a way to charge the phone. Also, despite the fact that I'll do little vertical filming, there's a significant advantage to the design of this (note the longer 'neck'). It'll pack up much nicer in a bag now. Before, it would never fold up into a convenient shape, instead taking up way more space than should have been necessary. I was actually leaving it behind because it was either take this or a flash to a shoot. Now I'll be able to do both.

I'm not so sure those are shortcuts, per se. The bottom-mounted tripod mount is something that was long-requested. And we're not talking about something heavy, here (nor about something that will be mounted at an odd angle, most likely, since you're mounting it for its gimbal use, etc., which can handle any angle adjustments you need on its own). The plastic is what undoubtedly contributed to the weight loss, and plastics can be really good these days. I'm sure it uses plenty of metal where needed... And I've used a multitude of smartphone mounts that are spring-loaded, and they're all pretty darn good. I haven't seen any wear out and don't foresee that anytime soon. So given the improvements, I don't quite see how these are drawbacks, exactly. But different things are important to different people, I suppose (at least the benefits seem to outweigh any perceived drawbacks even for you ;-)).

Well, time to return the refurbished one that I ordered over the holidays that hasn't arrived yet and save some money.

That’s awesome! I’m impressed with my first version. And I can use a tripod if I buy a $10 stand for it and screw it up to the tripod.
I’m looking forward when it’s available in Europe. Hopefully this year.