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20 Awesome Photos Of The Supermoon

If you've been outside earlier this week, you must have noticed the gorgeous moon up there in the sky. Not only it was a full moon, but it was closer to us than usual. The 'Supermoon' is 11%-14% larger and 30% brighter than the normal-distanced moon we see every night. The reason for the change in the distance is the elliptical orbit of the moon around the Earth. Take the big-looking moon, add a telephoto lens, and you get some epic landscape and cityscape photos. Check out these awesome Supermoon images from recent years.

Want to learn how to shoot the moon and make it look huge, or how to combine it with objects and people? Check out these articles we posted in the past: Recreating An Iconic Hollywood Image Using Modern Gear, Photographer Mark Gee Captures An Absolutely Beautiful Real-Time Moonrise At 1300mm, Full Moon As Backdrop During A Highline Walk.

If you ever took photos of the Supermoon before, share them with us in the comments below or in our Facebook Group.

SuperMoon rising at our Dutch glory
Photo: Ben Thé Man.

Mr. Moonlight
Photo: Ingrid Taylar.

Foggy Golden Gate "Super Moon" Moonset
Photo: Jeff Sullivan.

Supermoon over Örsjö
Photo: Ingemar Ljungdahl.

Beachy Head Supermoon Belle Tout lighthouse  Sussex Super Moon, moonlight
Photo: The Soft Machine.

Super Moon and Mow Cop
Photo: Peter Bailey.

Supermoon rising
Photo: Alexis Bazeos.

Perigee Full Moon
Photo: Carlos Gotay Martínez.

Super Moon with Taipei 101
Photo: Chih-Jan Fan.

Supermoon on San Francisco
Photo: Sean Duan.

Supermoon over NYC
Photo: Noam Galai.

Fly me around the SuperMoon
Photo: Ben Thé Man.

The Big Moon
Photo: Carlos Gotay Martínez.

Photo: Bryan Hansel.

Super Moonrise Over Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco May 5 2012
Photo: David Yu.

Super Moon Rising
Photo: Mark brunton.

Super Moon
Photo: Carlos Gotay Martínez.

Moon rise behind Warfield Church Landscape 19th March 2011
Photo: Rob Lind.

The moon is huge
Photo: Alex Power.

Photo: El Mundo Economía & Negocios

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Nicholas Dunning's picture

apparently its not really a 'supermoon'

Michael Sessions's picture

I'll just comment on one location I'm familiar with. The Taipei 101 shot is a composite.

Norshan Nusi's picture

Is that Son Goku?

dsaada's picture

nice images.. but you could have made them any other day.
nobody notice the supermoon. it´s to small a change to notice it.

and i agree.. some do look like composits.
like the tour de france there is not much honesty under photographers...

David Dickie's picture

Great Photography...Beautiul Super Moon Shots. It is great to see images from all over the world. I have made some images of the Super Moon episode of June 2013. You can check out my image at 500px

John's picture

The one taken of Taipei 101 I think is shopped. I don't live there, but that moon didn't look realistic to me. So I looked at the sounding buildings and then looked at google maps. I believe the picture was taken looking North West-ish, and we all know the moon rises in the east. Though you can get the moon at the west horizon at sun down, it wont be a full moon.

Michael Sessions's picture

I live in Taipei and can confirm the direction of the photograph. The location of the shot is also quite close. The exif data showed the image was taken at 12mm with an Olympus OM-D. The distortion in the frame is obviously from the wide angle.

Nicholas Dunning's picture

If it was a 12mm lens that was used then the moon would be a lot smaller than it is shown in the photograph.

Kelly Shipp's picture

SuperMoon Rising...

Brian Bray's picture

Super content-aware scale! ;)

Surya Chataut's picture

Supermoon over San Francisco -

Jordan Browne's picture

I enjoy seeing so many different perspectives, it's interesting what people come up with!

Here are ome of my photos from that night

I would appreciate any feed back! :)

Fableblue2010's picture

The one with the Statue of Liberty could be true, the only thing that is doubtful is the size of the moon. I checked it with the photographer's ephemeris and it would have been around 4:30am to 5am June 23.