25 Insanely Detailed Macro Images Of Insects

25 Insanely Detailed Macro Images Of Insects

When was the last time you saw a spider, and decided to stop what you're doing and stare right at it? Or maybe take your camera and do a 1-on-1 photoshoot from few millimeters away? What most of us really do is somewhere between screaming, and jumping on the nearest sofa. But there is a small group of photographers that instead of screaming like a 2 year old, actually go and look for these insects. They find them and photograph them up close, and it's amazing to see how these tiny insects really look. If the insects you meet daily scare you, wait until you see this set of images.

Have you ever shot insects with a macro lens before? share your results in the comments below or on our Facebook Group.

Studio stack: Camponotus herculaneus
Photo: John Hallmén.

Photo: Arslan UÇAR.

harvester ant close up
Photo: Mundo Poco.

The Offering
Photo: Nadav Bagim.

Colorful Jumping Spider
Photo: Karthi Keyan.

ant on a leaf
Photo: Robert Trevis-Smith.

Photo: Siegfried Tremel.

The April fool's Gang
Photo: Cath Schneider.

green longlegged fly (Dolichopodid Flies)
Photo: alpo430.

Photo: Ion Moe.

Mosquito Gigante
Photo: Maxwel Rocha.

Tickle me!
Photo: Nadav Bagim.

Studio stack: Pholcus female
Photo: John Hallmén.

Robber Fly Portrait
Photo: Gustavo Mazzarollo.

Studio stack: Dorytomus II
Photo: John Hallmén.

Photo: twomeows.

Master & Servant
Photo: Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel.

Size Matters
Photo: Nadav Bagim.

Look into my eyes [Explore]
Photo: Thomas.

Flower dewdrop refraction #4 with spider
Photo: Brian Valentine.

Photo: Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel.

Social Miner Bee
Photo: Craig Taylor.

Mosquito 10X
Photo: Ruben Maestro.

Cuckoo Wasp on Sedum
Photo: John Hallmén.

Guess who I am!
Photo: Nikola Rahmé

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Katazzufikmutzar's picture

coole em down with coldspray.....

Rodolfo Arechiga's picture

Every single photo here is amazing! More stuff like this fstoppers, please!

OuREO's picture

was wondering about gallery posts like this and what it means to the photographers. especially with this lawsuit coming to play... http://petapixel.com/2013/06/18/photographer-sues-buzzfeed-for-3-6m-for-...

was interesting what fstoppers and the community think about it.

Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel's picture

OuREO, Fstoppers mailed us for permission, which doesn't always actually happen when my shots are used in Buzzfeed posts.

OuREO's picture

man that's really nice to hear. that's the right way to do things fstoppers!

Adam T's picture

this thread is to scary!

Canonian's picture

Congrats to Johan, John, Craig, Nikola, Brian, and other members of pm dot net.
Very nice selection of your work.

Fernando Lucio's picture

Really amazing shots!!!

Amanda Mendes's picture

Wow, amazing macros!!!

Shannon Grimm's picture


Michael Battenberg's picture

Any geek can take a photo of a dead or frozen bug... and so they have.

Michael Stoop's picture

Most of them are actually very much alive. A jumping spider's eyes cloud up within seconds of death and the flies antennae are usually hanging if they're not alive. The cover shot is doubtful though, as it looks a bit flat.

I've taken a ton of 2:1 macro shots with a detail level similar to that and have never ever had to resort to manipulating them by freezing or finding dead ones. If you know how to approach insects (with patience in right time of day), pretty much all of the above shots can be made in the wild.

Take a look at LordV's work. He goes well beyond 1:1 a lot and even manages focus stacking and 3D stereograms in his backyard, without any trickery. Just skill and experience.

Brooke Mathews's picture

ew. I think if I looked through my lens and saw that I'd scream. Insane images. But so gross. Its cool how the last one, the top guy is standing on the other guys eye ball. So strange.

Cheryl Anne Harper Collier's picture

How incredibly beautiful. God is so interesting, to say the least.

Denise Carney's picture

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