Chase Jarvis Shoots New Zealand From A Helicopter

Chase Jarvis is most well known for his commercial images and a history of sharing his inspiration freely on the internet. If you've followed his work at all then you know he frequently heads down to New Zealand to gain a head start on marketing campaigns for the northern hemisphere since the seasons are opposite. In this video Chase is shooting landscape shots of New Zealand with the Hasselblad H3D (now the H4D) for a personal project of his. The footage is amazing and I'm sure the photographs will be spectacular too once he gets done with this project. Do I smell another coffee table book brewing from the Jarvis camp?

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Remy Musser's picture

Cool video.
Shooting from a helicopter is the best thrill I've ever had. Every time I do it it feels like the first time.

How did you get such smooth shots with the video camera? What did you use? Great stuff!

Chase Jarvis really is the man, this video is awesome! Definitely a huge step up from my BTS video rigging ourselves in the back of a truck to shoot in the mountains.

I was hoping to see that waterfall in color... good video btw!

@Robert: there are great postprocessing stabilizers. Check out ProDAD.

This video is short on technical info and more just on nice scenery.. I'd like to know what lens he was using and what shutter speed/iso, as medium format cameras have a LOT of noise even at iso 400.

Great to see the rig used to shoot with in the helicopter.

That would be a very cool assignment in NZ :)