Stories Behind Beautiful Wildlife Photos

A wildlife photographer must be prepared to wait hours for a shot to emerge. And once that shot appears, she may only have one second in which to capture the scene before it changes. Making things more complicated are the dozens of variables that can affect the quality of the shot, including weather, erratic animal behavior, and even other photographers working in the same location.

Photographer Yaron Schmid has dealt with these challenges for years. In this video presented by B&H Photo, he shares the stories behind his favorite images as well as tips to help you be better prepared as a wildlife photographer.

Yaron stresses the importance of setting goals and envisioning what you want to achieve on your shoot. Know the rules you will be expected to follow when shooting in the location. If it is a public park, what are the guidelines regarding camping or setting up a tripod? Learn the habits of the animals that you expect to photograph. Consider the environment in which you will be shooting. Make note of the weather patterns there and the times for sunset and sunrise. Perhaps most importantly, Yaron advises you always have a Plan B for when all of the pre-planning you have done falls through. Check the video for additional tips.

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