Adobe Premiere Pro 2019.1 Update Gets New Tools and Improvements

Adobe has released a strong update to Premiere Pro. Check out all the new possibilities in this first look.

First, this may go without saying for some, but for others: be aware that updating Premiere Pro to the latest version (13.1) should be avoided if you are mid-project for compatibility sake. Also, make sure your project backups are current. Adobe recommends installing this new version alongside the old version "to migrate projects to version 13.1 at your own pace," but do know that projects created in 13.1 won't open in 13.0. They even go so far as to say that auto-updates should not be enabled in Creative Cloud if you use this application. Proceed with caution.

Onto the new feature set, there are a lot of them. In the video below, Piotr Toczyński for Cut to the Point gives an excellent rundown on 28 features that are new to the latest version of Premiere Pro. These include graphic and text enhancements, a hardware compatibility checker, freeform view for projects, rulers and guides, plus more.

Have you updated to Adobe Premiere Pro 2019.1 and played with any of the new tools yet? What features do you think are still missing? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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Now let's talk about that conten-aware tool in After Effects.

Haha I love how seemingly everyone I know that does video pulled some late nights coming up with things like this. Looks like you had some fun with it 😊

Sucks cause I finished my cosplay red dead redemption videos in Vancouver two weeks ago and threw out shots that had houses or signs in them and this would've helped.

These are looking like some awesome improvements!!