Adobe Premiere Users Reporting Permanent Speaker Damage to MacBook Pros

Adobe Premiere Users Reporting Permanent Speaker Damage to MacBook Pros

If you run Adobe Premiere Pro CC on a MacBook Pro, you may want to read this.

As reported by MacRumors earlier today, some people have been sharing that their MacBook Pro speakers were blown out while running Premiere Pro CC. Apparently the program emits a very loud, feedback-type sound from the MacBook Pro's built-in speakers while editing audio from video clips, and is causing permanent damage.

These reports have been coming in from users posting to the Adobe community forums. The discussion thread regarding the matter started in November 2018, however more people have claimed the same thing has happened to them through January 2019. From the forum responses, it does appear that Adobe has been made aware of the issue.

User stevens12150610 wrote in after allegedly speaking to the company: “Adobe had me check the audio hardware settings. Under the default input [Preferences > Audio Hardware > Default Input] they changed it from Mac microphone to no input. They said that was why I blew my speakers.”

With the length of time the forum post has been active, it would seem multiple versions of Adobe Premiere Pro CC could be affected by the bug. However, because details on what causes the issue are scarce, it's unknown whether this is an Adobe issue or an issue with Apple's hardware or software.

Lead image by Nao Triponez via Pexels.

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Oh, that's less than ideal.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Is it irreversible? Screen stays pixelated? ;)

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I've noticed that before but I realized I wasn't actually on the brush tool. Instead I was on the pencil tool. :( I have a question for you guys. Have you noticed when photoshop starts up, Right after it pops up, it just freezes for a solid 30 seconds before it lets you do anything? It does that tome every time. I don't know what changed for it to do that. I might just reinstall it.

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

I've had nothing but problems with Photoshop CC 20.0.2, so I reverted back to Photoshop CC v.19.1.7

Ryan Garcia's picture

Sounds like you’re referring to banding. I’m having the same issue..

timgallo's picture

better get back to cc 2018. everything after that is just buggy.

David Love's picture

Of course it's user error, Adobe does no wrong. Now pay your monthly fees for the buggiest software around. Most of us work hard because we want to get paid for it. What kind of work would we do if we were guaranteed payment regardless of how shite our work was?

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Was there an OS update around the same time as the symptom started? Adobe and Apple. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Matt Murray's picture

Stop buying apple, they do not have the build quality they were once known for. They now have the build to appear like they are strong/sleek and aesthetically pleasing but inside they're barely fit for purpose.

Scoops Fantastic's picture

Repair costs are insane as well. That's assuming they are willing to repair it.

Michael Comeau's picture

Remember all the Adobe CC cheerleaders when they switched to monthly pricing?

Where are they now?

It's got more bugs than a crackhouse.

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Yeah, I still cant use cc 2019 without issues. but on the other hand cc 2018 works wonders for me. and than i can use premier and all other amazing apps anytime i want. also - not much alternative for professional work.

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macbook pro speakers blow very easily. the ones on mine are blown since a long time. it's the 2013 model though.

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If you own a 2016 or 2017 Macbook Pro it is inevitable that one (or both) of the speakers will blow at some point. My right speaker blew almost a year after purchase. Just opened the laptop from sleep and heard a short but loud buzzing sound from the right speaker. That was all it took to kill it.

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This actually happened to somebody in my office. We weren't 100% sure it was Premiere. Apple fixed it anyway.

Neither company wants to take the blame though, too easy to point fingers elsewhere.