Alien Skin Reveals Huge Upgrade to Upcoming Exposure X3

Alien Skin Reveals Huge Upgrade to Upcoming Exposure X3

Alien Skin, creator of the award-winning photo editing software Exposure, recently announced the upcoming release of the newest version of its popular product, Exposure X3. If you are unfamiliar with Exposure, it is a non-destructive raw photo editor designed to be an all-in-one software for editing and organizing your photos. It is probably most well known for the hundreds of presets included in the software that can emulate analog film, as well as dozens of other modern styles.

With the release of Exposure X3, Alien Skin is including several new additions that help make it a truly all in one software. The new side-by-side comparison view is a perfect addition to Exposure. This, combined with the new preset audition mode, will allow you to simultaneously view multiple presets applied to the same image. This also gives you a way to compare multiple images to each other which is ideal for culling similar photos.

Virtual copies are new to Exposure as well. This feature allows you to create several different variations of the same photo without using any additional disk space. Some of the other new features include linear and radial gradient tools, new toning enhancement tools, and additional blend modes for overlays as well.

Maybe one of the most beneficial upgrades to Exposure are the new organizing tools, such as keywords and collections. You can now add metadata to your photos to help keep your images labeled and organized. Collections can now be used to group your images all in one place in the software, while still being able to be located in different places on your hard drive. This is a big step for Alien Skin to provide an all in one software for both organizing and editing your images.

Exposure X3 is priced at $149 for new users, or $99 for current users looking to upgrade. The release date of the new software is expected to be later this fall. For more information, visit Alien Skin’s website.

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Edward Weston's picture

I just hate how they announce it (like X2) months before release. Get people excited and wait, wait, wait.

Finley Lee's picture

On average, we announce about six weeks before release. I think that's pretty short compared to others in our industry.

Isaac Medina's picture

I had no idea about Exposure X... as a standalone app until today.
I still use Apple Aperture 3.0 and don't like Adobe's offerings or pricing structure.
Is this an option?

Levi Keplar's picture

It could be, especially with their new features that are about to be released. Personally, I still prefer to use Lightroom for the bulk of my work, but I do use Exposure quite a bit for specific things. I believe they do offer a 30 day free trial, so that is worth a shot if you are looking to make a change!