Canon Is Trying to Add Fans to All of Its Products so That They Really Suck

Canon Is Trying to Add Fans to All of Its Products so That They Really Suck

Given how quick people are to say that Canon sucks, is it a surprise that it’s now trying to add fans to so many of its forthcoming products?

Some bizarre patents emerged over the last week via various rumor sites suggesting that Canon is actively researching and testing methods for cooling down gear by adding fans. Sony also appeared to be toying with this idea when an alleged prototype of the a7S III was said to have vents on the rear into to disperse heat. How this would affect the camera’s weather-sealing remained a bit of a mystery.

As reported by Canon News, the first product to feature a cooling system is a hybrid speedlite (i.e., strobe and continuous output) that features LEDs. The patent seems to show a fan on the underside of the flash head to circulate air.

Canon speedlite with fan

If that weren’t random enough, the next patent to emerge shows a large 1-series-style camera with a fan that sits over the viewfinder. As Canon News notes: “when you are using Live View shooting video, you can cool the camera via a fan that sits against the optical viewfinder assembly.” Given that the forthcoming 1D X Mark III is slated to shoot internal 4K 10 bit 4:2:2 video with C-Log and internal raw video, there might be good reason for Canon to need test alternative methods of dissipating the amount of heat being generated.

OVF fan cooling system

And if even that weren’t random enough, a third patent showed up that shows that you might soon be able to blow a load of money on a lens that blows a load of air into your camera. From the patent, it appears that this lens effectively sucks specks of dust from the camera’s sensor, allowing you to see when the job is complete.

Lens with fan sucking dust from sensor

It’s important to note that patents are often a means of securing brainstorming ideas rather than giving an indication that a certain feature is going to come to market. Given Canon’s current fascination with putting fans inside everything, I’m looking forward to my first air-cooled camera strap, which should go a long way to making my neck less sweaty.

What else can Canon put a fan inside? Your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ryan Cooper's picture

haha imagine having to regularly clean out the "air filters" in your lens... ;)

You don’t have to clean it. Buy it from authorized dealers for 99.95 only!

The Sigma fp has convection cooling vents. No fan is needed.

Grant Watkins's picture

Must be a slow news day, do you guys really consider this relevant or is it just throwing sh*t at the wall and see if it sticks?

Must be a slow commenting day for you bro.

Jan Kruize's picture

You really are nominated for the worst article this year man. Fstoppers really went down to zero by placing this kind of shit.

Will Murray's picture

Reporting on patents is a little technical for you...

Gerald Bertram's picture

Come on, Jan, stop holding back! How do you REALLY feel?

Just wanted to note, that they will also blow...

A humorus article in all seriousness. I like that fstoppers! Thumbs up.

10 or more years ago I had a Metz 50 mz 5 - a Handle Mounted Flash, it also had a small noisy fan.

I use an asi 294mc pro for my astro imaging. While the fans arent on the lens, just the sensor itself, it drives the temps to -40 c allowing for a mostly noise free 10-15 min exposure.

Electrical/hardware engineers are not freaking idiots, but they are often told what to design by freaking idiots. They try to see if it works. Sometimes they come up with genius ideas. Sometimes ideas are tried out and abandoned. Until something is marketed, stop whining.