DSLRs Dominate Flickr's Top Images of 2017

DSLRs Dominate Flickr's Top Images of 2017

There's no denying the vast improvement in image quality on mobile devices from just about every manufacturer, but if Flickr's top images of 2017 are any indication, they're still no match for a good DSLR (and, of course, a good eye). Interestingly, Flickr compiles data on all of the images on its site and metrics such as views, shares, and favorites helped compile the list. But while more than half of Flickr users post photos shot on mobile devices such as cell phones, all of Flickr's Top 25 Images of 2017 were captured by DSLRs. 

Flickr users put those DSLRs to good use with some truly spectacular shots among the top 25. Subjects varied widely, as did genres, with images including astrophotography, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, architectural photography, and more. Many of the photos have been viewed more than 150,000 times and some reach up over 350,000 views, including this shot by user Nils Stefan Püschel.

Perhaps the best part of this list is following the images down the rabbit hole to their original posters' pages and seeing even more spectacular photography. The image of the baby elephant walking alongside its mother and the shot of the fox in the forest both jumped out for me, with their incredible lighting and perfect composition. Which ones are among your favorites? Leave a comment below with your picks for the best of Flickr 2017. 

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Dallas Dahms's picture

Oh, I guess I'll have to go buy me one of those then.

Wait... I *had* several of them and they didn't win me any Pulitzers. Are you sure they're what they claim to be?

Brian Pernicone's picture

Of course, a good photographer can make good or even great photos with a cell phone. The shooter will simply have to work with a few limitations they wouldn’t otherwise have on a DSLR.

Dallas Dahms's picture

Oh, I promise you, all DSLR's have plenty of limitations. Plenty. Be a photographer for long enough and you will discover them.

Brian Pernicone's picture

Of course they have limitations, I never said or inferred otherwise. They objectively have fewer limitations and greater functionality than current mobile phone cameras.

Sam Moores's picture

So some of these were shot on Mirrorless, not DSLR's...#justsayin

Christos Dikos's picture

Yes, at least 5 were on a Sony A7 series and 1 on an Olympus Pen.

user-156929's picture

I can't stand "devices" as cameras but probably not for the reason you think. More important than technical quality is the photographer's eye. Human nature being what it is, most people aren't nearly as intentional with their photography when using their phones or tablets or whatever. Unfortunately for Dallas, shooting with a DSLR doesn't guarantee the reverse. ;-) <- winking eye indicates I'm joking.

Leigh Miller's picture

Many of those top shots were done at long focal lengths...last time I check SmartPhones didn't have super telephoto...but they will someday :-)

user-156929's picture

Yeah. Pretty soon they'll have all the functionality of a DSLR and then they'll be the size of a...DSLR. ;-)

Crystal Provencher's picture

Wow! Some incredible shots in that list. I have to agree that the baby elephant and the fox are top of my list. Absolutely stunning.

Alex Armitage's picture

Impressive how many of these I clicked on and were taken on a 5dm2, which is almost 10 years old.

That lead image is pretty awful to my mind. Processing-wise at least.