Fashion Photographer Sue Bryce Offering an Entire Day of Photo Critiques

Fashion Photographer Sue Bryce Offering an Entire Day of Photo Critiques

Sue Bryce is among the world's best portrait photographers in the industry today. As part of her 28 days series on creativeLIVE, Sue Bryce is going to attempt to spend an entire day critiquing the work of other photographers across the world. Watch as Sue spends seven hours live, in an attempt to break the world record of most professional photo critiques in one day.

Working with creativeLIVE, Sue has been collecting work from her fans and photographers all over the world to give an entire day about critique others work. Watch on Tuesday, June 25th at 12pm Eastern Time, at creativeLIVE as Sue Bryce goes through peoples works, identifies common mistakes and shows ways to improve posing and more.

As always, watching on creativeLIVE is free, and you’re able to submit your work to be reviewed live on the air if you've purchased the 28 Days with Sue package. Also, check out Sue Bryces amazing work at her website.

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Why are you referring to her as a "Fashion Photographer"? She refers to herself as a "Contemporary Portrait" photographer or glamour photographer.

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"Her style of contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture gives her clients the experience of looking like the women in magazines and feeling beautiful."

From her About Me. She also refers to herself in the fashion realm

Sue Bryce? Oh wow. This is fascinating. Thanks for giving the links. :)
Ed of <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Yes it is fascinating Edilberto! Really I love pictures of cars I saw some pictures of a Maserati the other day that were just off the charts. So good. Maserati make a nice <a href="" rel="nofollow"> cars for sale</a> I don't know how they will hold up but boy do they look good.

Makes sense to me

Sue Bryce herself said in one of her videos that she is not a fashion photographer because in fashion you are taking pictures of somebody who's being paid for wearing somebody else's clothes whereas she as a portraitist is interested in the person as a human being, trying to help her look her best.
She is fantastic with her people skills, like a director/psychologist/anthropologist. He training videos are certainly worth a glimpse, maybe the money as well.