Have Your Photos Rated by AI

Have Your Photos Rated by AI

You can have your images judged by AI. Just don't blame me if you don't score as high as you thought you would. These developments are supposed to help people decide what images work best for the message you are trying to convey, so it's good to know it's there and to try it out. It's in the beta phase now, and the website is similar to that of EyeEm, the stock image library built in Berlin, where the images are analyzed and tagged automatically depending what is featured in the photograph. 

Neural Network, the backbone of Everypixel, knows how to measure the chances of an image being perceived as fit to impress a consumer. Everypixel's CEO, Dmitriy Shironosov commented:

Designers, editors and experienced stock photographers helped us generate a training dataset with 946,894 positive and negative patterns. We wanted to create a technology that could measure not only aesthetics of stock images, but their commercial potential as well. This is the main difference between our smart filter and other solutions that exist today.

I think these are good indicators of tech and photography working together. I just don't want to get into a space where I can't get a certain level of work due to my images not being rated high enough by this AI. It doesn't have emotion. It doesn't have vision. It's a computer. I am human and a photographer. I speak the same language visually that other humans do.

Upload your images at Everypixel and see how you score. 

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dhani borges's picture

Ouch, 9.6% of being awesome...

Javier Larroulet's picture

I guess I should be proud... 94.4% chance of being awesome


What defines awesomness anyway?

David Bengtsson's picture

Well, this one got me a 95,5% chance of being awesome. Donno if I should be happy or not as images are seen very different by different people.

Pat Black's picture

I am not sure if this actually works, I put in 3 photos and got a 78, a 99.99 and a 100, the close up photo was the one that go the 78

Justin Berrington's picture

It does a pretty good job of detection for keywords.

Phil Newton's picture

Next it'll probably throw up a list of recommended hashtags to use!

Wouter du Toit's picture

Instagram (or Facebook) should buy it!

Simon Patterson's picture

I put in Rhein II and it gave it a 99.9%

Mike Stern's picture

I tested this by using Steve McCurry's Afghan Girl (flipped horizontally)
It's 43% awesome my a**.

neemo ofurhie's picture

Just add faces for better score.

Ian Roberts's picture

I agree with the comment up above, it is very good at picking keywords.

Scott Flaherty's picture

One of my favorite photos from my Galapagos trip last year. NatGeo here I come. ;)

Phil Newton's picture

All hail our AI overlords. Is anyone else just a titch concerned with where this is all headed? Or am I putting too much thought into it?

Wouter du Toit's picture

Hi Phil, my first thoughts were also not positive. I don't think it's going to stop. Will we be judged by clients via AI, just like we get rated by whether our Instagram following has enough followers and images get enough likes? Imagine you not getting a job because the computer said "no". My advice is to just keep shooting and learning. We must be ahead of the pack. Tech must be helpful to all, not just the people who make money selling stuff, but the creatives that give them the photos and marketing materials they need to do so.

Olivier Vinot's picture

AI is my best friend

Hugh Dom's picture

Hi, one of my favourite photo benched pretty high on that site at 98.9%, so seems like I should probably try to make it as stock but question is which site should I upload it too ??

Wouter du Toit's picture

Hi Hugh, it depends on what the picture is about. There are many stock libraries out there. Adobe CC's integrated stock library is good, Dissolve too. You can try to either offer it as an exclusive, or upload to all too.