Improve your Canon 7D's Features with Firmware v2.0

Improve your Canon 7D's Features with Firmware v2.0

Good news Canon EOS 7D fans. Canon has just released firmware version 2.0 for the 7D further enriching this awesome "prosumer" level camera's features with:

Improved maximum burst for RAW images (up to 25)
In-camera RAW image editing
In-camera Image Rating
In-camera JPEG resizing
Maximum Auto ISO setting (ISO 400-6400)
Manual audio level adjustment in movie recording
GPS compatibility
File name customisation
Time zone settings
Faster scrolling of magnified images
Quick control screen during playback

You can grab the Canon 7D firmware 2.0 download here.
Don't have a Canon 7D but considering one? Then learn more about it here.

via [CanonRumors]

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At first I thought this was a joke, too good to be true. These are by far the most significant firmware updates I've seen on a dSLR body that I've owned. Color me excited!

dont get confused with download not being there for mountain lion :P

Quentin Decaillet's picture

I was at first... but you may actually simply download the version for Lion as the setup can be made from the CF card. The update process takes only a few minutes and the firmware seems to work properly, had no problem so far with it! :)

Heiko Grüll's picture

You're right, updating from the CF card works like charm. The update works great but actually missing the switching between AF versions (spot AF, zone AF etc.) with the M-Fn key... Seems to be gone

Can't you change the key assignment through the menus? This would be VERY BAD if they killed it.

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The Canon 7D User Manual has also been updated, with a 'cheat sheet' showing you what's different in the manual due to the 2.0.0 firmware changes.

Canon please add "Maximum Auto ISO setting" to the 5D2 firmware :)

I wish the audio meters would show as you're recording video. Without a headphone jack, you're still not able to monitor as you shoot. Unless I'm missing something.

My camera is locking up after upgrading the firmware. Anyone else with the same problem?

Have you resolve this issue? Because I'm about to upgarde my 7D onto this software, but I'm gonna wait until everything is fine.