Luminar Neo Gets an Update From the Middle of the Ukraine Invasion

Luminar Neo Gets an Update From the Middle of the Ukraine Invasion

The folks at Skylum put out a minor update to Luminar Neo today. That's not a big news item, but what is significant is that the Neo programmers are doing it from Ukraine while the Russians shell the country.

First, the update, which is 1.02:

  • Sync your adjustments easily in the Catalog tab. The Copy and Paste edits functionality is here.
  • Use Image 3D Transform. If your image needs to be scaled or transformed, you can use the sliders of this tool to manually adjust perspective distortion.
  • Work with images in PNG format with alpha (transparency) in Layers .
  • There's an increase of frame per second rate while using the drag slider on any of the effects.
  • Add a folder and files using Add Photos on Windows.
  • Besides that, the update fixed some bugs.

Skylum, the company behind Luminar, Luminar AI, and Luminar Neo, was founded in Ukraine, and the majority of the software team is there. 

It's amazing with all the lethal distractions, they were able to put out an update, but they did. They sent a letter around to the press and users pledging to do their best on getting updates out and asking patience if things seem a little slow. 

Meanwhile, Skylum is trying to help their country's resistance effort in these ways:

  • Skylum has donated $50,000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
  • Ivan Kutanin, the CEO of Skylum, helps by purchasing thermographic cameras and emergency tourniquets (to provide first aid in ambulances, in the field during military operations, and in other extreme situations).
  • Skylum has discontinued the availability of their products in Russia and Belarus. 
  • The majority of the team is regularly donating their own money and supplies to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and people in need, volunteering, gathering humanitarian help, and taking part in territorial defense teams. 

While this is only partly a story for photographers, it seems worthwhile to take a second and appreciate the efforts of the Skylum team. Whether you are a customer of their software or not, take a moment and wish them well, along with all the people who have had their world turned upside down.

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Mel. Ukrainians are getting the hump with people calling it “the Ukraine”. It’s a country. Called Ukraine. Like England. Or France. When “the” is stitched onto the front, it implies that it is a part of a group of countries or states. Sorry to sound negative but they would appreciate it if you just called it Ukraine.

Even The Donald self-corrected on this one.

Please excuse me for being a bit of a negative nancy, but I find "the dispute whether the Ukraine will be independent or not" rather weirdly put. It's a sovereign nation state, it's independence isn't really disputed by anyone other than Russia. Call it what it is: Russia's war on Ukraine.

As a Ukrainian, I agree completely. We're independent since 24/08/91

You got to admire the folks over at Skylum assisting with the war efforts while simultaneously serving the photography community. That's definitely dedication. Good luck and Godspeed to all of Ukraine's citizens and military.