To Make Creative Cloud More Social, Adobe Acquires Behance

To Make Creative Cloud More Social, Adobe Acquires Behance

Adobe today announced that it has acquired privately held Behance, a leading online social media platform that enables creatives to showcase and share their work. With over 1 million members, the acquisition of Behance is designed to help Adobe's strategy to bring great community features to Creative Cloud, making it the ultimate hub for creatives worldwide.

The purchase by Adobe is, to me, very very interesting. I'll be watching this development closely, and if any acquisition numbers are released we'll let you know how much Behance was worth to Adobe.

For further details on today's announcement visit Behance's blog.

[Via Engadget]

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Spy Black's picture

I really hate when a giant corporation acquires a private company. The end result is typically not good. There are exceptions, but they are just that.

Your right. like the time Disney bought Pixar.
or Google buying android, snapseed and youtube
or Adobe buying Photoshop,
or disney buying ABC, and most of ESPN, and Lucas Films
or when sirius radio and XM merged
or when J.P Morgan bought Bank one.

George Socka's picture

Microsoft and RealGM and Hummer
Time Warner and AOL
Adobe and Macromedia
Mercedes and Chrysler
yahoo and Geocities
HP and Palm
Oracle and Sun
HP and Digital Equipment
Murdock and MySpace
Harvester and Case