[News Discussion] Does your Nikon D800 Lock Up?

[News Discussion] Does your Nikon D800 Lock Up?

So many gear releases, so many bugs, glitches and freak outs. The Admin over at Nikon Rumors has just made a brief post about his new Nikon D800 locking up. In a picture, he provides, the D800 can be seen with the LCD on, even though the camera is off and apparently the only way to reset it is to pull the battery. When you head on over to his post you will find in the comments that this doesn't seem to be a new issue for Nikon users but kinda disconcerting none the less. My advice to new Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III owners: Don't Panic! Anything that is seriously flawed will be fixed with time. As photographers, we have a critical eye. It's in out nature. But don't let it rule over you and in doing so ruin what are two great camera experiences. Relax and enjoy those amazing new toys.

via [NikonRumor]

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OUCH.  THATs an annoying bug to experience...
When i bought my first Nikon Digital camera The Nikon D50. I had the same problem. I couldn't use the wheels, the buttons and i noticed that The writing to card light on the back would stay on and i could do nothing! Not even turning the switch off would help. Pulling the battery was the only solution that worked.

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 I can also verify that issue with the D50.

D70s did that a couple times if I recall correctly, and whilst using cheap backup battery pack on my D700 the shutter would lock up and the LCD would go completely blank instead of the usual out of battery symbol - probably due to lower capacity. (Battery pack: EN-EL3e by Flashpoint, great for use as a backup nonetheless!)

I had that on my D300s..still do sometimes, battery pull is the only way.

I'll let you know if I ever get mine!

I got the same problem with my old D200, but I just switch it on and off a couple of times and then it's fine...

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This happens on my D200 but it ends automatically after a while. Isn't is just that it's still writing to the memory card?

This happened to me once, while testing the D800. I never had an issue with my D200, D300, D300s oder D700, so I suggest y'all keep your cool and let your local Nikon dealers know about it. If there is indeed an issue, there will be a firmware update soon.

this is why i'm going to wait for the later models to come out in order to be assure that the bugs and crap gets fix. 5DMKIII here i come...probably in late 2012.

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I had that on my D70s and my D200 but very few times on each, nothing serious

Had that on my D300s too. Ignore it and it goes away.....

I still get that on my D7000 every once in a while.

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Had it once in 2 years ownership of D700.

I had this a couple of times with my D800!

Like others have said, I get it from time to time with my D7000 and D300s. Not a big deal.

my d7000 also those that

This happens occasionally on my D7000

never had a problem from d70 to d700 always solid!

had it with mine reported to nikon NPS UK - they're aware of it and it's with nikon japan
also there was a recall for some nikon batteries for d7000/d800 this may/may not be related