Palette Gives You Hands-On Control of Any Software

Palette Gives You Hands-On Control of Any Software

Engineers Calvin Chu and Ashish Bidadi have created Palette, and it's something to be genuinely excited about. In fact, it may be the best Kickstarter project I've seen in quite a while. Palette is a "freeform hardware interface" that offers a fully customizable set of buttons, knobs and sliders for hands-on control of your software. Yes, please.

I'm a huge fan of my MIDI board for my Lightroom processing, but the thought of taking that tactility into Photoshop takes it to another level. Yes, we have keyboard shortcuts already, but I, for one, would love a more ergonomic option of a slider or dial that isn't on my tablet.

As of this posting, Palette has already raised about one-third of its one day.


Each of the individual elements is customizable in layout and function. It's also not a fixed interface, meaning that you can use it in Lightroom or Photoshop or pretty much anything else. They also come in two finishes - brushed aluminum and wood.


Overall, I have to give it to the designers for creating a simple, elegant product. To become an early adopter, visit their Kickstarter page here.


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What would be cool is if the faders are motorised (or at least they can offer motorised & non-motorised versions) so you can actually get midi data back into it to adjust the fader's physical position based on the slider assigned on screen. Otherwise, what would happen is that if you have a fader assigned for exposure in LR for example and you adjust a photo's exposure, for the next photo the fader won't reset to 0 (and so on for the rest).

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Just buy a Logitech G13 for $65 on amazon. It's not analog but it is ergonomic, totally programmable, lots of buttons, plus a joystick, index finger and thumb button for fine control.
Then use a Wacom for your right hand.

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I think the point here is the range of motion offered by dials & sliders which, except as predefined increments with multiple presses, can't be simulated by buttons.

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Really cool concept just the price is super high compared to a BCF2000 used it was $75. Wicked looking tool, but super expensive compared to what is already on the market.

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Isn't this a better alternative with motorized data?

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thank you thank you i love this!! great idea

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OMG! this is one of those stuff which warrants a - "shut up and take my money!" gif - from futurama! i have dreamed of something like this for many years..and now its gonna be a reality! no wonder it raised 1/3rd of its money in its first day...lots of people are gonna love this!

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For Lightroom processing, I highly recommend checking out VSCO Keys. I'm not a fan of their other products, but VSCO Keys is literally what I was waiting for. I have an editing company and edit 5-10K images a week and I don't think you can get the exact precision you want faster than using VSCO Keys.