Peakto Integrates Pixelmator Pro, With DXO Links on the Way

Peakto Integrates Pixelmator Pro, With DXO Links on the Way

I gave a favorable review to Peakto a couple of weeks ago, and one thing I noticed is that they do frequent updates, which is a positive thing in my view. Bug fixes and new features are frequent. Today, they've offered an update to Peakto that includes integration with Pixelmator Pro, a popular photo editor. Peakto, please note, is a Mac-only application.

Think of Peakto as a kind of photo catalog on steroids. It can read catalogs from several photo apps, including Apple Photos, Aperture, Lightroom Classic, Luminar AI/Neo, Capture One, iView Media, and from your folders of photos without creating extra copies of your images. Then, you have one central catalog with all your work available.

Now, by adding integration with Pixelmator Pro, Peakto natively lists all Pixelmator Pro (PXD) documents and displays them in the highest possible resolution. Peakto turns Pixelmator Pro into an editing destination for all your Pixelmator Pro images along with all your other photos.

So, in addition to those Pixelmator Pro files (PXD), you've also got access to raw, JPEG, PNG, PSD, and TIFF. 

Peakto has some AI built in, so it will identify landscape, portrait, wildlife or food photos and automatically categorize them. There's no need to tag your photos. I thought the AI worked pretty well, although it wasn't 100%. I expect it will get better over time, but even the current version can really speed my finding of photos. If I don't use the AI, I can search by location, camera, even ISO settings. 

Also, around mid-April, Peakto will offer integration with DXO products. That seems to me to be a big deal, as I'm a dedicated DXO PureRAW user, and the software is winning over a lot of photographers who want to preprocess their raw files and optically correct them with a single click.

Peakto will support DXO Photolab and PureRAW via the software Editing Workspaces option. Peakto will let you find all DXO edited images in your watched folders and will correctly display the previews. Also, .dop sidecars are handled as images, and Peakto tracks all changes that you perform using DXO on images that are cataloged, which makes it easy and convenient to get access to all DXO edited images inside Peakto.

This future version will let you drag and drop any image into the DXO workspaces.

All in all, the Pixelmator Pro integration will please many users of that product, and the upcoming DXO integration is also going to be exciting. I'm anxious to try it. 

Peakto is available direct from the company or in the Apple Mac App Store

There's a 15-day free trial, and after that, Peakto is $9.99 a month per seat, $99 per year per seat, or $189 as a onetime payment. 

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