Phase One Releases Capture One Styles Packs

Phase One Releases Capture One Styles Packs

Preset lovers rejoice: today Phase One announced new products in the form of Capture One Styles Packs. With a drag-and-drop installation, these Styles are made to be integrated with one’s Capture One workflow and provide creative support as well as speed up the image editing process.

Each Style Pack contains at least 15 Styles that follow a theme. The Cinematic Styles Pack features 18 total Styles with more emphasis on color grading effects. The B&W Styles Pack has 16 Styles with varying degrees of contrast and adjustments to various underlying colors. The Matte Styles Pack comes with 16 Styles and has a faded, raised black point type look to them. The Seasonal Pack has 15 Styles and I found works well with landscapes or nature images with a lot of foliage. Phase One is also releasing an Essentials Styles Pack which comes with 16 total Styles, 4 Styles curated from each of the aforementioned packs. A free sample Styles Pack is available containing five Styles.

Cinematic Styles Pack

B&W Styles Pack

Matte Styles Pack

Seasonal Styles Pack

All of the Styles create visual changes through multiple image adjustments, however exposure, white balance, and levels are not affected. Best practice would be to get the image set in those three key areas first before diving into the Styles and Presets tool. More information and examples can be found on the Phase One website.

Phase One recommends Capture One Pro 10.1 or newer for the smoothest user experience, and requires ver. 10.1.2 for Capture One Express (for Sony).

Each Styles Pack will cost $69 and can be purchased from the Phase One online store.

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Using other people's presets has never made sense to me.

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That's true, every pro has a set of presets for their vision and workflow. But some third-party presets can be quite bad-ass-good. I am a big supporter of the RNI system at the moment. They digitized tonnes of film stock in quite a meticulous manner and turned it into a library of camera profiles and film presets. Not a replacement for actual film but aesthetically very nice and subtle and comes as close to analog as digital can be.

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Judging on the samples not a massive disruption in imaging.

Personally I am a big fan of RNI All Films for Lightroom. This combo does a better RAW render job than c1. While I should admit, the default c1 render is better and more appealing than Adobe's default.

So watching the space for RNI to port their film profiles to c1. That should be something. The guys from RNI say it's in the works already.

All I want is for CaptureOne to accept LUTs already. Or some way to convert LUTs to Styles. As someone who shoots video and photo I don't want to but something twice and LUTs are a standard.

Adam, CaptureOne kind of works with LUTs. I own the mac app Lattice that will convert LUTs to ICC profiles which works in CaptureOne. You can then save the ICC profile as a Capture One style to be used easily on any photo. I saw came up with a similar solution to mine - they're selling their LUTs as Capture One presets: &

Thanks Brian, you're right about those options. Only issue I had with them when I was looking for solutions is the price, way too high for what I need IMO.

Of course if one plans on buying many Capture One styles, which they themselves are expensive, then yes Lattice is something to consider.