RED's CEO Jim Jannard Has Resigned, Jarred Land To Take Helm

RED's CEO Jim Jannard Has Resigned, Jarred Land To Take Helm

Jim Jannard, the mind behind Oakley and RED Cinema camera, has "finished [his] mission" and will be leaving as the face of RED. Current President Jarred Land will be taking the reins in Jannard's absence. "I have done my best. I saw a fatal flaw in the camera industry. We did our best to address it. I will now sink into the background, I hope with my reputation intact. I will work on the future of digital cinema... behind the scenes." [Read Final Letter]

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Rebecca Britt's picture

The man is a genius.

He leaves with more than just an intact reputation, but with thousands of cinematographers' admiration! I salute you Jim Jannard, it's always a pleasure working with your cameras!

Neil Burke's picture

Coming almost from nowhere to become the foremost innovator in the film industry. He led the charge in digital cinema and left the established companies rushing to catch up.

Dave Wallace's picture

Wow. Amazing man

Von Wong's picture

amazing to leave a legacy like that behind... !

I agree he's done great things. He hasn't resigned though, so I'm afraid the title of this article is inaccurate. In Jarred Land's words 'I have been reading a lot of Eulogies this morning and make no mistake.. there is no RED without Jim'. Here's the thread:

Sorry if I sound nit-picky, just wanted to clear that up. He is continuing to 'work on the future of digital cinema… behind the scenes.' Cheers yall

Jaron Schneider's picture

He has resigned as CEO.

Cool cool. I didn't see anything about him resigning from any positions in his letter, but you probably know more than I do about it :) Tnx