Rich People Pay Thousands Just to Be Featured on Instagram Account Showing How Rich They Are

Rich People Pay Thousands Just to Be Featured on Instagram Account Showing How Rich They Are

Rich people spending money on frivolous things is not exactly new, but this Instagram account seems to take it to a new level, allowing users to buy a post for at least $1,000 purely to show that they can afford to. The amount users chose to pay is even showcased on the accompanying website for bragging purposes.

The account, @golden_pricetag, made its first post about a week ago and has made four posts so far. Users visit the Golden Price Tag website, where they can submit a photo they would like to have posted and can name an amount they would like to pay, with the minimum being $1,000. The photo is then posted on both the Instagram account and website, with the website featuring how they paid. 

Users have paid anywhere from the minimum to up to $3,000 so far, with the only benefit seemingly being the bragging rights of having been able to afford it in the first place. Surely, whoever is running the account seems to have created quite the lucrative venture so far. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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File this in "Things I Wish I Thought Of"...

you still can. Now they'll be 100's of copycat accounts. Just like the Million Dollar Homepage where people paid per pixel to sponsor the page.

Yeah... Maybe mine should be $10,000 minimum so we can weed out all these poor people on Golden Pricetag.... ;)

Kinda like photographers who post gear pics....fancy travel worth thousands....except they don't actually have any money when health troubles or theft hits?

I think 'gear shots' have to be my least favourite 'genre' of 'instatography'. Random hands holding cameras, or lenses, sometimes on fire. Sometimes on a wet road surface. Did you buy 2 cameras, just so you could photograph one with the other? Hmmmm....

I agree. I know what a camera and lens looks like, I don’t need to see posts that are essentially bad product shots

Calling BS here. Why would anyone pay four figures for a post on an account that only has a few thousand followers?

Clearly you've never met anybody with more money than sense.

Shouldn't be asking "Why would anyone pay four figures for a post?" because a more productive question is "WHO would pay four figures for a post?". I'd gladly be of service to them.

"Users have paid anywhere from the minimum to up to $3,000 so far,"

I'm sorry, but have you actually verified this? Because otherwise it reads like a cheap ad for a fake account. For the amount they "theoretically" could have made so far off of 5 posts, they would have at least bought some more followers. There's no way this is real.

I was thinking the same

"Users have paid anywhere from the minimum to up to $3,000 so far"

How do we know this? Just as a similar example: this could be like a street performer throwing some 5s and 1s into their tip bucket to make it appear that people have been throwing money in already, in the hope that someone actually throws their money in.

The featured accounts seem a little sketchy too. *Maybe* a few hundred followers, some set to private as well. Color me skeptical that anyone has paid anything to be featured on an account that just popped up and only has a few thousand followers.

If they paid that much to be featured, why didn't they pay for a decent picture?

You're asking why someone who makes bad decisions makes other bad decisions.

A fool and their money are soon parted.

Nice to know where peoples priorities are.

In other news, people buy cars, watches, clothing, and other items to display their wealth. I'm just mad I didn't think of the idea, and execute on it.

5 posts, below 4,000 followers despite the PR campaign I'm reading here.
Checking the profile of the one not private do not seems to help seeing them as "rich people"
Paying such price to link your useless IG account look pathetic.
Not a success story if you ask me.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: rich people are weird.

I started my Fujifilm profile last Saturday with a zero dollar budget (I can afford that). Today I saw that I got a follower. Fantastic, I will give her more photos from me here in Finland!