[Video] How to Lure in the Curious for Great iPhone Footage

This simple trick to get up close and personal with primates at the Los Angeles Zoo may not be rocket science but it did take a rocket scientist to come up with it. Mark B. Rober is an engineer with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California and he seems to have a propensity for coming up with clever ideas. See a couple of Mark's videos below.

Mark B. Rober? Why does that name look familiar? Well you may already know Mark as the creative mind behind the iPad2 Halloween Costume that simulated a gaping hole in his torso. Keep'em coming Mark.

via [Wired]
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Sean Shimmel's picture

Candid Camera would be proud indeed.

Alan Funt would welcome monkeys (and maybe even Mark) right into the fold. 

(PS... and gladly not a parabolic umbrella, snoot or expensive anything in sight)