What's New in Adobe Premiere Pro

Coming this fall you’ll be able to create and collaborate faster than ever with Adobe’s latest version of Premiere Pro CC. New updates to the program will allow you to open multiple projects at the same time, collaborate with multiple editors on the same project, and work with new graphics tools in the Essential Graphics panel. Let's have a closer look.

Open Multiple Projects

Open as many projects as you’d like and quickly copy assets (including sequences) from project to project. Copying a sequence between projects will automatically bring in all of the corresponding assets, which will all retain the same source files. This will be very helpful for editors working on episodic content where numerous assets are reused in each project.

Shared Projects

You’ll also have the ability to setup shared projects in the new Premiere Pro CC. Editors working on the same network will have the ability to work on the same project. This will be especially useful for teams working with assistant editors and large postproduction teams.

Graphics Workflow

Improvements to the Essential Graphics panel include new responsive design features. Use time-based controls to define durations for graphics so that in and out points will adapt and adjust to trims. Pin graphic layers to have them respond accordingly to position adjustments, such as a frame adjusting to text. The update will also introduce title rolls, the ability to select multiple graphic layers at the same time, and a new font menu.

These are just a few of the updates. Check out more here.

Adobe’s latest release of Premiere Pro will be available in the fall.

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