Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2017 Updates Concentrate on Improving User Experience and Supporting New Media

Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2017 Updates Concentrate on Improving User Experience and Supporting New Media

Adobe concentrated its Creative Cloud 2017 updates heavily in newer media areas as it announced an After Effects improvement to render 3D elements up to 20 times faster, a Premier Pro update that automatically detect and create settings for different types of virtual reality content, and a new project, Project Felix, to aid in the creation of photo-realistic images by combining 2D and 3D assets. Meanwhile, cloud-based document collaboration across Creative Cloud, universal search in Photoshop, and other new features improve usability across a number of applications.


Photoshop improvements are a bit light, but mostly center around features that make it easier to use and refinements to the Face-Aware Liquify tool. A new universal search bar will allow users to find “tools, panels, menus, Adobe Stock assets, help content, and tutorials,” according to a press release. Meanwhile, Liquify is faster, and Face-Aware Liquify now allows independent adjustments to each eye, a preview checkbox, and ability to toggle widgets on and off in the workspace. There are no updates on Lightroom as of this moment.

Adobe Stock and Typekit

Adobe Stock, which is now integrated across the Creative Cloud suite, is also receiving a massive update as its contributor portal comes out of beta. Thanks to a partnership with Reuters, Adobe Stock now benefits from the availability of the news agency’s extensive library of photos and video footage covering news, sports, and entertainment events. Additionally, Adobe Stock users will now have the ability to easily license historical news footage from over a million news clips in Reuters’ archive library for a variety of uses. This Reuters partnership is a huge win for Adobe Stock, as it will allow easy and affordable access to a variety of newsworthy content.

You can now easily license photos from celebrity events and from other news stories through Adobe Stock thanks to Adobe's partnership with Reuters.

Adobe Stock also has a new visual search feature, which really shines when you build multiple images to create an ideal search. A press demo revealed how one can search for images similar to one of a coffee cup, then click on an image of tea, and then select images with more greenery in the background to quickly narrow down the selection to a variety of strikingly similar images with similar levels of green backgrounds and a steaming tea cup to find just the one that works for your project. This will undoubtedly become a favorite way to search for many designers looking for something quite specific or similar to something they already have, but with a small twist. Visual search of stock within Photoshop (and not just through the Adobe Stock website) is “coming soon.”

Adobe Stock's visual search provides a compelling reason to consider using the service to find exactly the kind of image you need.

Meanwhile, partnerships with font foundries such as Frere-Jones Type, Type Network/Font Bureau, and Émigré will allow for easier management and purchase of individual fonts through the new Adobe Typekit marketplace.

Project Felix

Project Felix is a new design tool that allows users to combine two-dimensional and three-dimensional assets to easily create “product shot comps, scene visualization, and abstract design.” A demo of the program seemed quite promising, as it showed how easy it was to overlay an image of a logo or label over a 3D file of a bottle, add a three-dimensional splash, and place all of these objects in a matching two-dimensional environment to create a photo-realistic mockup that could be used for advertising pitches, client meetings, and more. Project Felix will be available in beta later this year.

Project Felix will let you create mockups and scene renderings with little to no experience.

Cloud-Based Document Collaboration

Documents in several applications including Adobe XD and Premiere Pro (and other video applications) will feature real-time, co-editing capabilities for Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Team and Enterprise members depending on the application and timing. Co-editing will be available in beta for Adobe XD beginning next year for all Creative Cloud members while the feature dubbed as Team Projects for Premier Pro, After Effects, and Prelude will be available soon for Team and Enterprise members.

This continued focus on real-time collaboration capabilities likely points to future expansion of similar features across the Creative Cloud suite in the not-too-distant future.

Odds and Ends

In addition, there are a number of announcements for other Adobe products from Adobe Premier to mobile applications. As these might be of less interest to our photo-oriented readership, they’re mentioned below in a shortened format:

  • All mobile applications are now available on Android (recent releases include Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Sketch, and Comp CC)
  • Premiere Pro will have an Auto-Aware VR feature that detects the type of virtual-reality content and determines VR settings behind the scenes for your content where appropriate
  • Character Animator’s character puppet creation and animation is now faster and integrates better with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Creative Cloud subscribers can now remove all Adobe branding from content created within Adobe Spark (other exclusive features will also be announced later for CC members)

Unless otherwise stated, these updates will be available later this year. I am currently at Adobe MAX and will, along with some of our other writers, have updates when and where appropriate.

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I hope they are working on a Lightroom update that will compete with the new ON1 offerings... its still amazes me that they have not implemented a photo mechanic styled image review.

I hear a lot about photo mechanic's speed, but sadly have not even really looked into it myself. Any highlights on what it does so well/better? You use it to complement your lightroom workflow, not replace it, right?

I don't know anything about code or what's really going on, but somehow Photo Mechanic is really optimized for loading previews and full-res files. There is ZERO delay. With Lightroom, you know how you wait a couple seconds for every single darn photo to load? And if you want to develop, you wait a few more seconds? None of that happens in Photo Mechanic. It's instant. So while it's not for editing, is really the best program out there for culling, tagging, keywording, etc.

It's best use is for culling through photos but don't think too much about its fairly sucks.

Inasmuch as I'm not big on tethering, it amazes me that Lightroom still doesn't have full tethering capabilities. I can easily see why Capture One rules in studio work.

I'm tired of Adobe jamming this half assed 3D crap into photoshop. If Adobe wants to do 3D they need to do it right from the ground up in a separate software rather than bloat PS with crapware that nobody will use.

Yeah, it's always sucked and has been agonizingly slow. Utterly useless.

I use it a lot for very simple objects: spheres, planes, etc. I wouldn't touch it for anything complicated.

Just after reading this, I checked to see if my plugins made the transfer. Two out of three isn't bad!

Wow, another update to Creative Cloud and another one where they still don't have a "Download All" button for shared file libraries. Frustrating.

Finally Bridge HiDPI support on windows.

Just saw it. Thank you for the info. I love what you guys release on the Fstoppers :-)

More stuff I don't care about but will have jammed into software to slow it down. Awesome.