Zack Arias With A Little Q&A: How To Get An Agency Meeting

Good friend (and even better photographer) Zack Arias over at just kicked out a little Q&A video on how to get your foot in advertising agencies' doors. As usual Zack delivers solid, straight forward, no-nonsense advice and as a bonus you get to meet Carl (the laconic squirrel). There's even a shout out to John Keatley from the Fstoppers' Bahamas Workshop coming up in May.

If you have a burning question you'd like Zack to answer, send it along to
But if you simply can't wait for all of your questions to be typed, emailed, opened, recorded, edited, posted, watched and finally answered then pick up Zack's book Photography Q&A: Real Questions. Real Answers.. Chances are, he's got it covered (pun intended).

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great advice


Erin B.'s picture

Is there a link to Remize's work so we can have some context to Zack's comments?

Patrick Hall's picture

I believe this is his website.

Its Rameez, and yeah you got it Pat. Cheers

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your wedding stuff is really great man !

Thanks Matthew! Appreciate the comment