Canon Picture Profiles, Get The Most Out of Your Video Features

Dynamic range tends to be an important feature for any camera and something many photographers either boast or complain about. Canon cameras aren't really known for their dynamic range performance, but in this "two-minute video," Peter McKinnon explains how you can use the built in Canon picture profiles, to improve performance for video. 

Video shooters prefer to have a flat picture and this is why many tend to use Log profiles. With a flat picture profile, you can increase the number of stops between the dark and bright areas of an image, giving a cinematic look to the footage. Canon does offer C log for their 5D Mark IV at a price, however, can a few simple adjustments in camera give the desired effect? There has been speculation that the update required for the 5D Mark IV is completely based on the firmware and no changes to the hardware are required. If that is the case then the question that comes to mind is, can this be considered good value for money?  

Admittedly I've never actually looked through the picture profile options let alone change any of them. After watching this video, I am definitely interested in seeing how this can improve my video quality. 

Have you been using the picture profiles, does it genuinely help or improve your video quality? 

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Kirk Darling's picture

I use a particular picture style called Cinema constantly--for both still and video. It's not free (cost about 7 USD last I checked), but I found it to be the most startlingly accurate color representation of dark skin that I've seen from Canon. I hadn't really noted how bad the stock picture styles in Canon were for dark skin until I saw Cinema. I'll try to locate my side-by-side comparison composite of Canon styles with Cinema and upload it. The good thing about Cinema is that unlike most other styles, it doesn't require regarding in post--you can run with it just as it comes out of the camera, but it's also easy to grade and manipulate.

Usman Dawood's picture

Kirk, thank you for the comment, I'd love to see a side by side when you get a chance, please. Do you have a link to that profile?