Roger Deakins Doesn't Have a Style, But Yet He's a Great Cinematographer

Believe it or not, the great Roger Deakins doesn't have a style, but yet we are inspired by his visual work. In this video you will hear this from his own mouth and you will find a few other cinematography gems.

Director of Photography Roger Deakins is one of the most well known in the movie industry today. He's one of the few cinematographers that share knowledge online on his own website and personally answers questions in his forum. Tips based on experience from anyone who has been long enough in the craft are always welcome for us who are still in the beginning of our journey. Every cinematographer has their own path and philosophy which sometimes may not resonate with our understanding.

One of the things Deakins shares is that he doesn't have a style, and he's glad about it. This is something that I've always thought one should have and obviously there's nothing wrong with. After listening to his explanation I also agreed with his point of view. Every movie is different and may require a unique method to shape the visuals without having to use the same lighting preferences of yours just for the sake of having a signature look. I hope you will enjoy his other tips too and apply them in your work whether it's photography or video.

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Ronnie Dai's picture

Yeah he doesn't have a style because he is not a director.

Lee Christiansen's picture

I'm going to assume you are joking because if not, you're so wide of the mark it is beyond comprehension.

The look of a movie should never be only by the director. The DoP and others are part of a team which the director steers.

Style is not the domain of the director. Deakins doesn't have a style we can pigeonhole him with because he is simply a master of almost everything.

Mario Olvera's picture

I 100%, no, 200% agree what he says about "I don't have a style, I create a style for every film". People ask my how I achieved my style and, somehow I don't feel I have one because every piece I make I put it all I can squeeze from that story so that way the style comes to life. I think defining yourself closes the door to the possibility to be anything you want.