Fstoppers Review of the Wotancraft Ranger

Fstoppers Review of the Wotancraft Ranger

I know. It’s another one of those dang camera bag reviews. It’s a bag and it holds a camera, why does there need to be a full on review? Well in this case, because Wotancraft is not a well-known name in the industry and there is not a ton of information out there about their products in comparison to other brands. Their Ranger bag is also really good looking. It’s fashioned after World War II military bags and is completely handmade. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good bag review.


The Wotancraft Ranger is a $499 camera bag. That puts it up in the price range of the expensive leather ONA bags that everyone loves, but always hates the price of. This bag is not all leather though, but is instead a combination of sheep skin leather, cowhide leather, and waxed canvas. Where this bag stands out is the unique WWII styling that I have not seen in any other camera bag. It’s also completely handmade in a small workshop located in Taipei City, Taiwan and has an average of three times the amount of parts compared to an average camera bag.

The bag is specified to hold two pro DSLR bodies and three-four lenses plus accessories. Something to keep in mind though is that two of those lenses will need to be attached to your two camera bodies. I was able to fit a Nikon D750 attached to a 35mm Sigma ART, another Nikon D750 attached to an 85mm Sigma f1.4, Nikon 105mm macro, my beloved Nikon 20mm f1.8, and a multitude of accessories. It’s a tight fit, but it fits.   

Inside the bag there are 2 pockets. The first is a small zippered pocket that works well for smaller loose items and the second is a padded pocket that will hold a 13” laptop or a 15” MacBook Air. I don’t normally carry around a laptop when I shoot so this pocket it generally allocated to an assortment of accessories, but I know this is important to a lot of people.  

Outside the bag there are two front pockets, and zippered front pocket, and two side pockets for accessories. In addition to this there are adjustable leather “utility straps” that can be used to carry tripods or loose garments.

The entire bag closes up with a zippered lid, followed by a leather flap that’s made of sheepskin. The zippered lid has four magnets sewn into it that allow the lid to be fastened into a folded position in order to give the bag easier access when in use.

What I Like

  • I think everyone can already tell that I like the looks. The WWII style is eye catching and unique. It stands out as being different, but also doesn’t stand out to would be thieves as being a camera bag. It’s also built like a tank. Not one piece of the bag feels flimsy or breakable.   

  • I really like the removable insert. Having such a nice bag quarantined off as only being usable as a camera bag can be frustrating. But with the insert being removable, I can just take the entire thing out without unloading my cameras and lenses and use the bag for whatever I want. I also like that the insert has a door flaps that protects the top of my gear. This makes it so I can store my Moneymaker strap on top of everything without worrying about the buckles and hooks banging into my things.  

  • I like that I can fit things between the removable insert and the bag. It’s not a designated storage compartment, but I can easily fit a few flashlights, a video light and my flash into the space between the bag and insert.  


What I don’t like

  • Some of the pockets are too small and border on being useless. The front pockets are not big enough to hold a flash or video light so I have to stick them between the removable insert and bag. I had it as a plus because it’s nice to be able to do, but because some of the pockets don’t hold much in terms of bigger items, I'm forced to use this feature. The pockets on the sides are so small that I struggled finding a use for them. If you try and make something too large fit, then the pocket would be too tight and the button would pop open.

You can see the side pocket bulging out a bit and it only has two batteries inside.
  • The buttons on the flap lid. They work fine, but when moving fast it can be a pain to get them snapped shut, especially when the bag is full. So most of the time when I’m running around, the flap just stays loose. This is fine for me, but it would still be nice to be able to quickly lock down the flap.


  • The strap padding is stuck to one place. It’s nice and comfortable padding, but when wearing the bag certain ways, it doesn’t lay over my shoulder in the most comfortable spot. It would be nice if I was able to move the padding up or down the strap to accommodate different wearing positions.


  • The grab handle is really not usable when the camera bag is open. Since the handle is placed toward the back of the bag, when you pick it up by the handle, the entire bag tilts forward. I can deal with it when I’m being careful, but if done too fast, it could possibly cause some gear to spill out.


Overall this a very solid bag. I have no doubt that it will last as long as I need it too and that it will continue to look better and better with age. The few drawbacks that I find with the bag are minimal in my eyes and nothing that cannot be worked around. You could argue that if you pay $499 for a bag then you shouldn't have to work around anything and it should be perfect. But what it comes down to is that the drawbacks are so minimal for me, that if a new version came out, I wouldn't be jumping for an upgrade.

What camera bag do you use right now? Are you looking to upgrade? What do you have your eyes on?

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Casey Berner's picture

Who gave you a gun??

Jason Vinson's picture

Someone very very irresponsible...

Ralph Hightower's picture

So, "What camera bag do you use right now? Are you looking to upgrade? What do you have your eyes on?"
I've got a LowePro Magnum 35 that carries my Canon A-1 w/ motor drive, 50 f1.8, 28 f2.8, 80-205 f4.5, Sunpak 522 flash with filters, AA batteries for the flash, remote control transmitter and receiver, 400 f6.3 in a soft lens case attached to the Magnum, plus film.
I'm looking for a bag that can hold that gear, plus a Canon F-1N with AE Finder FN, AE Motor Drive FN, and focusing screens.
I have a small Canon bag that carries my 5D Mk III, 24-105 F4L, plus charger. I'll need to expand to a bigger bag when I get another lens.

Felix Hernandez's picture

Wow... I want one!... love the way it looks!... It also works as a great prop!

Jason Vinson's picture

So sorry to offend you Jerry! It's to go along with the WWII styling. Don't read to much into it. It's just a bag review. Not a campaign for a war agenda.

David Massengill's picture

Only thing offensive about the rifle is the hideous selector lever colors :)

Leif Hansen's picture

I agree, they should have had a BAR or a 1911.

Christian Santiago's picture

A tragedy doesnt need to vanquish things entirely from the cultural lexicon. The bad taste is in your mouth alone. And really only the victims and their loved ones have any right to offense. This has nothing to do with that horrible crime. We are capable of enjoying things without associating them.

Mr Blah's picture

"And really only the victims and their loved ones have any right to offense."

Actually, anyone can take offense for anything. Freedom of speech and all that.

Everyone else also has the freedom to ignore their offended status... Under the same laws.

Christian Santiago's picture

yes there are those who take offense to the dumbest things that aren't even remotely related to them. But i don't consider them worthy of consideration.

Mr Blah's picture

"Remotely related to them"...

Let's be fair: gun proliferation and slack laws is a concerns for everyone living under those laws (be it for or against).

You don't need to have a relative killed/wounded to gain the right to speak up or have to own a gun to speak up either...

Andrew Strother's picture

"It is no less offensive than Kiddie porn"


Prefers Film's picture

Right? If we want to continue with silly arguments, I can point out that kiddie porn wouldn't even exist without the camera. So shame on all of you for using the same tools as pedophiles. You're as bad as recreational target shooters who use semi-auto versions of military rifles, but since I can't tell the difference, I shall lump you all into the same group!

Zach Ashcraft's picture

If by "Recent events" You mean the last 800 years of human history, sure. Guns are an incredible part of everyday life. They are used in wars, they are used for recreation. They are used by police officers and everyday citizens to protect themselves.

This camera bag is inspired by WW2, in which many guns were obviously used. To kill yes, but also to save and protect many lives. If you don't see the correlation and you are still somehow offended by this picture of inanimate objects, its your own fault.

Mr Blah's picture

Sorry Zach, but this "gun is part of everyday life" is very narrowminded.

Most countries don't have that weird love affairs with them.

Jason Vinson's picture

Can you go ahead and quote the part where I admit that I'm clueless?

Prefers Film's picture

And I find the use of the term "Assault rifle" to be a clear sign of ignorance. That rifle is no more an "Assault rifle" than your kitchen knives are "Assault knives".

But I do agree that it doesn't belong in the image above. An M1 might be more appropriate, as Stoner didn't even come up with the M16 until well after WWII.

Jason Vinson's picture

Yes, the intent wanst to mimic a WWII scene but to showcase a modern WWII styled bag with modern equipment. Since the D750 obviously wasn't arlund either.

Prefers Film's picture

I didn't say you made it up, I just called you out on your ignorance. Because the rifle in the photo very clearly does not meet the definition of an assault rifle.

Are you going to tell me that this is an assault rifle as well?

Prefers Film's picture

You didn't answer the question. And "Cultural ignorance" is no excuse either.

And I'll remind you, since you dragged it into the conversation: Digital photography and the internet are both to blame for the exploitation of children. Yet here you are using both. Don't you feel guilty using a camera, since they are used to create 100% of all kiddie porn? Why haven't politicians tried to outlaw them? Clearly, there can be no other use for either.

Prefers Film's picture

Sure, everyone knows that an "Assault rifle" is a black gun. And that's just ignorant. Even the legal definition of an "Assault weapon" can vary from state to state.

My point is that you see what you have been conditioned by the media to think of as some sort of evil inanimate object, so you label it as such. And because you don't know shit about guns, you won't even answer a simple question. Is the image I uploaded an assault rifle, or not?

Ross Thomas's picture

This is also Fstoppers, not liberal anti gun stoppers - Don't get it confused.

Paulo Macedo's picture

Man that's a gun!! I don't like guns, and where i live they are not allowed..not even airsoft ones, but i kind of have this respect/fascination with guns, get the point, the respect makes me not liking them and the only one i've fired was in the army boot camp, the good old HK G3-A3.

chrisrdi's picture


Sergio Tello's picture

It obviously is click bait. He got you good, hook, line and sinker.

Ross Thomas's picture

Typically I find that people like you who get "offended" have nothing to be offended about. Notice that I put that word in quotes, because it's false outrage. Get a life. Seriously, they're doing a bag review of a military inspired bag, and all you take away from it is that you don't like the gun in the picture? Liberal media gun activist pawn. You people who are the most anti gun are typically the most ignorant people, who immediately look for someone with a gun when the crap hits the fan.

Leonardo Ruberto's picture

Mmmm...a photographic bag and a rifle....your culture is so interesting...

geoffreybadner's picture

This is the best gun review Fstoppers has ever posted! Nice work.

geoffreybadner's picture

Apparently Jason isn't the only one who thinks this bag goes well with a firearm. Found this image while looking for other reviews. Looks like those extra little pockets are for ammo.

geoffreybadner's picture

So many words... that I did not read...

Jasper Verolme's picture

Your comments use more word then the article is long.

Dan Ostergren's picture

Love the bag, I'd definitely buy one if I could afford it.

The riffle next to it in the photo is just weird, but whatever.

Dan Ostergren's picture

I'm not looking to have a dialogue with you. Move along.

Dan Ostergren's picture

You need to chill out. You seem to be looking for nothing but a fight here.

Jasper Verolme's picture

people use more words on the gun then discussing the actually review.
I like the look of the bag, shame of the price tag.

Jasper Verolme's picture

The gun is distracting you? for real?

Jason Vinson's picture

If the crappy photo is the cause for the distraction, then why do you keep sounding off about the distracting gun? Maybe you can show us all how it should be done?

Jason Vinson's picture

I'll agree the shot is better, but saying my gun has needless controversy baked into it and the other gun does not is just ridiculous. My gun fires a single round when I pull the trigger just like that hunting gun you find totally acceptable. It also shoots the exact same bullet. So I don't need to defend my fire arms knowledge to someone that clearly has none.

Jason Vinson's picture

Well your opinion is noted Jerry. Thank you for your commercial art expertise.

Jason Vinson's picture

"Now YOU think this is a discussion about guns?

Prefers Film's picture

Jerry is from Los Angeles, which helps to explain his ignorance. In California, only criminals have guns. He repeatedly referred to that rifle as a Bushmaster, because that brand was used to commit a heinous crime. No one else has identified the brand in the photo, so Jerry is just assuming, based on his ignorance.

He also has not answered my question, because he really does not know what an assault rifle is. To him, all black guns look the same.

Prefers Film's picture

I've been nothing but rational in pointing out that your comments are based on fear and ignorance.

Seeing as how the firing mechanism is not visible, your comment makes no sense at all. It could be a Colt, S&W, Sig, Stag, or some other brand. But you chose Bushmaster, because it was in the news. And yes, since I don't live in SoCal any more, I do own a gun or two, including the very same Rock River mid that I was trained with by the local SWAT team co-captain at our local police range.

I have been neither aggressive, anti-social, ignorant, nor irrational. You are the one pushing an irrational agenda, based on fear and ignorance. As far as gun control, I'm sure that the majority of legal gun owners in this country agree that we don't need any more. But that's only because they either don't make sense, or they are not enforced.

It's a very real fact that you may some day be assaulted in Los Angeles not by someone with a repeating sporting arm, but with a handgun. They will more than likely possess it illegally. And thanks to the guns laws in place, you, as a law-abiding citizen will be left defenseless.

In the meantime, you are still unable to answer a simple question.

Prefers Film's picture

So you're up in arms. No pun intended. Got it.

I'll suggest you go for a walk, maybe do some yoga. You seem a little angry.

Scott S's picture

Once I saw the thumbnail I knew this would be a post that had a high level of engagement. Now that I commented I'm going to read the article now :)

Prefers Film's picture

Lol. Expensive bag made overseas with dead animals. I just can't find anything to like about that. Had they done the same styling in two-tone textiles, and made it in America, with a more reasonable price, I'd be a bit more interested.

Mark Margerison's picture

Holy. I typically avoid 'Comment' sections on things like this as there is always someone who runs off on some crazy tangent unrelated to the base intent of the article. It's just a bag review. The gun is as bad a child porn?

Nice review on the bag. I own one and you hit many of the same points I would after using mine for some time. I have the Avenger but it has the waterproof insert which interstingly enough has stenciling on the side in common military text. Even the Wotancraft website refers to modeling them after WWII type bags. They are expensive, however the hand made build quality really shines through. A photographer friend of mine owns 2 - The Scout and the Ryker. He swears by them and he has been through many bags from both LowePro and ThinkTank.

John Ohle's picture

We get it Jerry, we really do. No guns in bag/camera reviews... It's not a WWII bag!

Can we move on now?

John Ohle's picture

It looks like a really nice bag, but I am a bit disappointed that the pockets are so small. That does seem to be a bit of an oversight.

Jason Vinson's picture

ya, you can see where the pocket narrows down toward the bottom of the pocket. I think it was for aesthetics since it looks good like that, but it makes the pockets a decent amount smaller then what they could have been.

Mark Margerison's picture

I could see that being an issue, I've had similar pockets on other bags like that. On the Avenger they do not taper towards the bottom so they are actually quite roomy. Not tall enough to put a flash in, but they certainly hold a lot.

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