Fstoppers Unfairly Reviews the Parrot Jumping Mini Drone

Each week we get contacted by a range of manufacturers asking us to review their products. Once I had someone ask me to review a bag of lavender. When I explained that Fstoppers is a photography website, they said that even photographers like lavender and I should review it. Obviously I didn't review it but next time this happens I will review the lavender, and today I've reviewed the Parrot Jumping Drone

For your entertainment (and honestly mine as well) I will be reviewing every single one of these strange products that companies insist on sending us. I will not give their products full or even fair reviews, and in many cases I will probably break whatever they send me, but we will have fun doing it and I will do my best to make the video somehow related to photography/videography.

What is it?

The Parrot Jumping Drone is a remote controlled car type thing that is controlled with your smartphone. It has a camera that can record shitty video and beam it back to your phone live. My unit has headlights that make it useful in the dark. It can beam sound back to your smartphone if you use headphones and it has a speaker to play your voice remotely. Most importantly it can jump over and off stuff.


It's fun for about 10 minutes which happens to be the amount of charge you get out of a battery.

It can survive a 6 story fall.


It's not very fun after 10 minutes. 

The video quality seems to have less dynamic range than the 4K footage out of my a7RII.

Will a jumping drone help my photography?

As the majority of photographers are leaving their DSLRs behind to jump on the full frame Sony mirrorless system, the forward thinking photographer is jumping into the jumping drone market. Can your camera roll around? No. Can your camera survive a 6 story drop? No. Can your camera jump over a box of Cheez-Its? No. 

The future of photography is here and it goes by the name of the Parrot Jumping Drone

If you have any questions about the Parrot Jumping Drone please leave them below and I will do my best to reply to them sarcastically.

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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lol. Yes! So good. So much fun. These kinds of videos always have me grinning like an idiot the entire time.

Hahaha love it. You guys are awesome. I can't wait for the "How does this relate to photography?" comments! :D

:)) I should try chase a bride during wedding photoshoot... new genre "wedding horror"

You can always own a market that you event.

I'm waiting for someone to send this down an isle at a wedding :)

Pretty sure if the Parrot Jumping Drone had a photography bag, you'd review it.

You guys love bags.

Haha if you only knew how much shit I give our writers for continuing to review bags.

Maybe you could review a grocery bag, as self ridicule in the same fashion as this one?

I'd watch that! Haha!

I actually have a concept for a similar video we will be doing soon.

The site could benefit indeed of more comdy orented content and more original content (comming from you directly). doesn't need to be both at the same time... Can't wait to see this!

Some ridiculous inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFzmcv0Vd8U

In all fairness, your first comment was spot on: "I can't believe this is in toys now..".

Think how excited we all were to see that James Bond chase scene in a BMW with his spy phone...

And now any 6 yo can do it, record it and put it on the web. amazing!

That combover and v-neck, though. Timeless.

If I'm getting called out for a combover I may have to shave my head sooner than expected :)

Made my day! More crazy reviews please!

Chelsea is such a good sport :)

Just for reference, not all drones fly. Those are just the ones you're used to hearing about in recent years. Just about any type of vehicle can be made into a drone, including automobiles and boats. What makes it a "drone" is the lack of a human on-board the vehicle, and the fact that it's remote controlled.

Oh yeah please keep doing these for sure

Is that a Microsoft Band 2? How did you get it early.


You had WAY too much fun with that drone! :-)

Does this shoot 4k? How about slow motion?

The tracking must be out, as the footage seemed very jumpy....
ill get my coat