Pixellu Launches Biggest Update Since 2015 to Their Popular Album Design Software: SmartAlbums 2019

Pixellu Launches Biggest Update Since 2015 to Their Popular Album Design Software: SmartAlbums 2019

Following the success of their powerful drag and drop album design software, Pixellu has launched SmartAlbums 2019. The latest update is complete with time-saving features, workflow improvements, and faster performance.

Seattle-based company Pixellu is focused on delivering smart and intuitive software designed to help photographers increase their profits while saving valuable time. Their foundation software, SmartAlbums, has quickly become a staple for many wedding and family photographers. For professional photographers, albums are a valuable upsell opportunity and a way to consistently increase profits from each shoot. SmartAlbums has become popular for its ability to enable users to compile a stunning photo album in 15 minutes. With the release of SmartAlbums 2019, it’s clear that Pixellu is continuing to grow and develop. This latest update incorporates many features that their customers have requested in a simple, beautiful, and intelligent way.

The workflow and client experience I’ve been waiting for with an interface that compliments my brand.”

- KT Merry, Wedding Photographer

For those familiar with previous versions of SmartAlbums, Pixellu’s 2019 version offers several clever features that implement feedback from their customers:

Single-Page Design

The ability to design single pages, not just double-page spreads, was one of the most requested features for SmartAlbums 2019. This much-awaited tool has been incorporated in their usual intuitive fashion to give you greater control throughout the design process without complicating your workflow.

Tone Adjustments

A streamlined workflow is one of the easiest ways to save time while designing photo albums. SmartAlbums 2019 allows you to make tone adjustments and black and white conversions directly within the software.

Spread Mirroring

If you’ve found a layout you love but would prefer it in reverse, one-click Spread Mirroring allows you to do just that.

Type Tool Controls

Complete creative freedom and control over the design of your album are crucial to ensuring the final product is a beautiful piece you are proud to share. Improved Type Tool controls provide the flexibility photographers have been asking for to achieve a unique look that complements their images.

Additional Updates

With performance updates, a redesigned interface, plus the inclusion of ruler units and advanced color management, SmartAlbums 2019 is Pixellu’s fastest and most powerful version yet. Each new feature has been incorporated in response to user feedback to help photographers work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

“SmartAlbums 2019 is now even better with new features, a new look, and faster performance!”

- Ryan DeVoll, Wedding Photographer

SmartAlbums has become a staple in the toolkit of many professional wedding and family photographers. Pixellu continue to deliver software that is intuitive, smart, and incredibly useful. For those who regularly use photo albums to increase their profits, SmartAlbums has become a must-have tool. The 2019 release looks to not only maintain this position but to build on it, delivering an even more streamlined workflow and an enjoyable user experience.

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David Strauss is a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

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Looks well done. The pricing from my perspective is way over priced. Give me Lightroom little more time,, same results. Now of course if you are getting $4k per wedding, I can see value. Seems overblown to get the whole system.

I don't think $24/month is overpriced if your doing weddings often, even doing them cheaply. That said, sure, you can do a lot of this stuff in the Creative Cloud but sometimes specialized apps do their few tasks much easier off setting the cost by time saving. I just don't do enough weddings to justify it. I do few big ones so I have the time to make my own slide shows but if I was doing them ever week, with albums, then it'd be an easy decision to get something like this.

My issue with Pixellu's smart album is for some reason, album makers often provide their own design software for free, and strangely it's like a rebranded SmartAlbums but just tied in exclusively from the album seller you got the software from.

I am now thinking that Pixellu actually sells their software to photo printing companies. But that's just my speculation.

My point is, I can just stick to one supplier with their free "SmartAlbums"-like software versus buying one.

They also seem to have got for subscription only now - no up front perpetual pricing. I love the ease of use, but theyve lost me now, just as Adobe did with CC.

If you bought a lifetime pass you now also need to pay a subscription. What a joke of a company. Complete scam!

Another subscription model. No thanks.