Show Us Your Best Travel Photography with The New Fstoppers Travel Hashtag

Show Us Your Best Travel Photography with The New Fstoppers Travel Hashtag

Want to see your travel photography on Fstoppers? Start using the #FstoppersTravel hashtag on Instagram for a chance to have your work featured! Read more to find out why we're featuring this wonderful genre.

Why Travel Photography?

Travel photography is one of the most beautiful photographic pursuits. It can take you all over the world to explore exotic cultures and discover brilliant landscapes. It opens your mind more than any other type of photography. It will challenge you with language barriers, airport hassles, and cultural differences, but it will also force you to take a fresh perspective on your everyday surroundings, and that is how you grow as a photographer.

I've been a professional travel photographer for years and each trip only fuels my desire for more. With travel photography, you can practice any photographic discipline — portraiture, landscape, food, wildlife, architecture — all against a backdrop of some place entirely new, distant, and exciting.

Share Your Work

We want to celebrate travel photographers around the world by scoping out your best work on Instagram. When you upload your latest travel photos, use the hashtag #FstoppersTravel. Show us where in the world you are, and share your best work. Your photos might be included in an upcoming travel photography feature.

Join the Travel Photography Community

In the meantime, if you need feedback, advice, or travel tips from the Fstoppers community, head over to the Travel Photography group, and share your Instagram profiles in the comments below.

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Hillary Fox is a commercial travel & lifestyle photographer, author, and producer currently based in South Africa. Under contract with agencies like Getty Images and Stocksy United, she's sold tens of thousands of image licenses to media outlets around the world. She hosts photowalks and photography workshops throughout the USA, EU, and Africa.

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Inspiring pictures Hillary! I especially like the way light and shadows play in the Sahara!
I very recently started my instagram account featuring travel photography. More photos to come from trips in Bulgaria, Norway, some remote Pacific islands and Russia!


Perfect timing! I have been slowly (but surely) shifting my instagram towards travel/landscape/outdoorsy photography. I'd love to hear some critique of my overall profile! It's been fun toying with shape-shifting since I am a filmmaker first, but having a reason to focus on photography has been a fun challenge.

Very fun! Looking forward to seeing all the images!

Followed a handful of you guys already and here is mine:

You guys have some nice instagram accounts. I often shoot 35mm film while travelling. Sometimes a bit experimental. Scanning and recropping for instagram:

Im a newer amateur photographer, enjoy seeing everyone else’s work!

I'll start tagging mine as well! Here's mine:

I'm a portrait photographer primarily, but for fun I do love doing travel photography. Showing my adventures I don't really do often but wished I did do it more often.

Great idea! Here is my ig

Followed you guys. Vey inspiring. Shannon Palmer love the tone of your Instagram. I wish my Instagram was more focused like yours.

I'm lucky enough that I get to travel a bit with my wedding work and have just returned from New Zealand where we managed to tag on a couple of days to get a bit of exploring done. My IG is

Indonesia based photographer that is focused on Interior and lifestyle. Meanwhile in my daily routine, I have always travel and share my traveling photo.


Thanks Fstoppers! Great idea!
Subjects I like to photograph are people, lifestyle, travel, landscape and outdoor adventure photos -

Just an Iphone6 shot but more when you folow the link on Instagram

He was taking pictures of Chicago… You cant guess what happens next:

Travel & Landscape photography... simply the best combination!

If you feel like checking out Greece's most beautiful places, hop on my IG:

I'm partial, but this dude is the best on Instagram

Thanks for the inspiration everyone. Here's my IG:

You guys are all great! Check out some of my photos, currently residing in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Well, not for nothing, here is my IG:

Currently working through my stuff from when i took my family to Italy. A mix of film and digital.

Awesome pictures Hillary, I already follow you on Instagram and you are always inspiring. Here's my IG

I have been travelling for 6months (Borneo & Nepal) and there are many more discoveries and images to be shared ahead!

Hi everyone! I m'17 year old Italian with the passion of photography, please comment and don't be afraid to critique!

Cool Idea I look forward to seeing everyone's images.

Inspiring stuff guys! I travelled to India last year and decided to grab my camera at the last minute. It was my first time doing any sort of travel/ street photography.

Will be adding more of India soon to Instagram.
Travelling to Venice in a couple of weeks so really looking to shoot some cool stuff.

That's great! Looking forward for everyone's photos!