Chris Jordan Films Birds Filled With Plastic

I know many photographers ask themselves, "How can I use my artistic talent to give back to my community in some profound way?" Bringing awareness to a great social or ethical cause can be difficult when our culture is so bombarded with crazy images everyday. Photographer Chris Jordan, author of In Katrina's Wake, recently discovered baby albatross birds who were dying in a very unusual way. Birds inhabiting Midway Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have been found dead in huge numbers. The cause of death appears to be from parent birds mistakenly eating plastic garbage found floating in the ocean and washing up on shore. These images are quite gruesome, and it is almost hard to believe they are real. Through this Midway Project, Chris hopes to bring awareness to the ecological problems not often seen at these remote locations. Head over to the Midway Journey's website for more videos about this cause as well as more photography.

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Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Incredibly tragic and powerful documentary.

David Lara's picture

Wow....Nicholas, I second your comment, truly well made documentary, both tragic and powerful.

Very informative and shocking, I just read an article about the plastic problem in our oceans but this puts it all into perspective.

Corey Melton's picture

"Facing the horrors of our times" this guy says. They're dead birds people, they were going to end up in your McNuggets soon enough anyway. I hate to hear people talk about animal justice as if there arent human babies, children and adults in their own neighborhoods and regions that are starving, being abused or getting murdered as we sit here and read these posts. 3 million of our own species' children die EVERY YEAR because of unclean water. 28,491 people died today of starvation. The Middle East is nuckin futs right now and getting worse every day. There's another Chernobyl hanging out ready to spew all over Japan. Let's contribute our dollars and efforts into saving the humans of Planet Earth, then we can focus on some chicklets in the middle of the Pacific.

RUSS's picture

Out of sight, out of mind. We just don't pay attention enough to the consequences of our simple yet thoughtless actions of tossing a cig lighter, bottle cap or toothbrush wherever we may be. Because it's convenient for us to do so rather than hold onto it until we can dispose of it propperly.

We don't care enough to hold ships owners responsible for what they do with their waste as they are sailing across the oceans with no one to see what they do with their waste.

We do it, the animals pay for it, with their lives. ;-(

We cause so harm from such simple, thoughtless acts...


M's picture

@ Corey Melton

Seriously? Because some other things are worse we should just ignore everything else? Pardon my francais but gtfo man.

Another hipster wannabe bohemian, trying to save the planet. How cliche!