Go Behind the Scenes With Getty Images at the MTV Music Awards

When a large event like the MTV Music Awards plans out their production, photography is at the top of the priority list. Because when all is said and done, the only thing that remains is what is on the back of the camera. Getty Images and MTV Europe have been partners for many years. Having a long lasting relationship allows the two teams to grow as a unit.

Getty employs some of the best entertainment photographers in the business. Kevin Mazur attended his first event with Madonna in 1998. Dave Hogan shot the 1988 VMA and hasn't missed a year. The masterminds behind the awards shows keep bringing back the same top notch photographers with the hopes of pushing the creative envelope. Hogan quickly shows us the walk in lighting set up. There is a space for shooting on a branded background and on plain white. Mazur shares his feelings on covering the event. "I have to shoot the arrival, the red carpet and back stage. Basically everything in front of me I shoot!"

The biggest challenge facing the staff is time. VIcky Dearman, an Entertainment Assignment Editor for Getty states that "Once you're on site, it just seems to disappear." This is why they get the best photographers they can so that they can maximize their time and get the quintessential "MTV" photographs. Another photographer goes on to say that they are constantly metering for a rapidly changing environment. These shooters need to be quick as possible and able to adapt. Brian Dayle, Lead Picture Editor shares that they have up to 60,000 images to filter through in the editing process just from the red carpet. This is why work flow is so important.


[via Getty Images]

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