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Flixel 'Wizard' Offers Complete Cinemagraph Tutorial

Flixel 'Wizard' Offers Complete Cinemagraph Tutorial

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen a cinemagraph or two floating around the Internet. You know the ones, those cool animated stills that you see on people’s Facebook profiles and online ads. You may have even seen people making animated portraits for weddings or that one time a guy took a selfie. They can be quite challenging to do well, but can be a lot of fun to make and become a great marketing tool.

Flixel, the industry leader for stand-alone cinemagraph creation with both their desktop and mobile apps, chose Jason Teale to be one of Flixel’s “wizards” due to his outstanding work using their app. Teale has now created a start-to-finish guide to making cinemagraphs in a variety of situations.

With leading social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram actively integrating video features, Teale says this is the perfect time to be making cinemagraphs. They have been proven to get much higher engagement rates than stills, and hold the attention of viewers for much longer. Not to mention that Facebook recently partnered with Flixel to allow Cinemagraph Pro users to publish their cinemagraph profiles directly. Check out Fstoppers' free tutorial on how to make these simply and easily.

Teale has been making cinemagraphs for over two years now, and he has created advertising cinemagraphs for brands like Deathwish Coffee. For his tutorial, he has produced more than an hour of cinemagraph training focusing on everything from food to your Facebook profile, using Flixel’s easy-to-use app. You will learn how to make cinemagraphs in a matter of minutes, without all the fiddly work in software like Photoshop. It contains start to finish looks at how to get professional results from the Flixel system and raw video that you can download and practice with.

Teale has kindly offered Fstoppers readers a 25% discount (use the code FS25), and for purchasers of the tutorial, Flixel is offering an additional 20% off their software package. Teale's offer is good for a week, and Flixel will continue to offer those who purchase the tutorial 20% off.

Images courtesy of Jason Teale.

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I understand why people would use Flixel's software. But I personally like using PS and AE to make cinemagraph's (also knows as .gif or a video). But thats just me.

Interesting, would love to learn how to do this!